The platform aims to be the one stop solution for users looking to create an engaging music festival website all in under a week.

Creating and launching a music festival is no walk in the park, and building a website for said festival adds on to the already increasing stress with all the process required in making everything go smooth as planned.

Plot, a web platform that enables users to create a gorgeous and interactive website for music festivals, hopes to be the one stop solution for all your festival website creation needs.

The service features a powerful creation tool packed with features and an experienced design team that can take your brand and roll out sites with relative ease and in short time – all in just under a week.

Says Plot co-founder Christian Hill,

β€œPlot allows festivals of all sizes and budgets to create a festival website that looks amazing, engages its audience, has all the features a festival marketing team needs, and will be delivered within a week. We are able to do this by removing the bespoke design process, whilst still delivering something unique, powerful and affordable.”

The platform is designed to cater to all stages of a festival life cycle, with new features constantly added to help improve user experience.

Sites built with Plot can be “adapted, changed and updated according to a festival team’s bespoke needs – from sign up forms to banner ads, line-up release info to filterable artist pages.”

Festival organizers using the platform will have a website that is quick to load, have numerous features that are easily customizable, and eliminates any ongoing costs for third party design and development.

Plot site features include the ability to organize artist lineup and announcement pages, create flexible and interactive schedule calendars, choose from a wide variety of site layouts, and more.

Plot is made by creative agency Project Simply, who have collaborated with clients and festivals such as Parklife, BPM, Sundown, Field Day, and Love Supreme. They hope to use all of their skills and knowledge to help smaller festivals with less experienced teams and tighter budget create a great music festival website.

For more information, visit their website.