An osmosis of feelings scattered through us and with it an incandescent film of catharsis mesmerised our souls.

We laughed. We cried. We were transported to another place.

The intimacy of aeriqah’s ‘All We Have’ debut album launch, celebrated among family, friends and many fellow musicians was filled with warmth and a caressing simplicity – a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

Held on a cool Friday night at the multi-purpose hall of Aliwal Arts Centre, opening act Benny first soothed our heads with a collection of four enchanting songs before the main act came on stage.

Their cover of Tropical Hornbills’ ‘Rumahku’ brought us back to a nostalgic kampung-‘hood’, crashing waves against the sandy beach and a poignant bliss of poetry that enveloped our hearts; an arrangement that was heartbreakingly beautiful.

As was their final song ‘April My Love’ which felt like a silhouette of petrichor against our pulsating heartbeats.

A ten minute changeover followed, before aeriqah’s glowing vocals and charming stage presence offered us a menu of enthralling emotions and memories of love. And life.

From covers like Jean Seizure’s ‘Shy’ to a self-reflective reminiscence such as ‘You & Me’, every song was a tribute. A story.

Songs like ‘One More, Then I’ll Go’ encapsulated the catharsis in a serenading goodbye that was beautiful as it was painful, while ‘Maybe’ felt like pages in a diary; a personal recollection of hopes and dreams between two people.

I watched as the audience swayed in the swell of emotions, like the waves and tides that eased the turmoil of our souls, because after all, feelings are…All We Have.

Special thanks for the invite and for also allowing me to carry my skateboard into the venue. Too cool!