Self-starter Producer and DJ Ryan Hemsworth made his way to BEAM on April 26! He is here to share with us his recent EP released and his upcoming projects.

Ryan is here with us to discuss how video game and Internet has been a huge part of his success, his upcoming side projects and his current EP released with Yurufuwa Gang! 

AsiaLive365: So you were in Bangkok Thailand in 2017? What do you like most about Thailand?

Ryan: Unfortunately, it’s only been a 24 hour time frame so I haven’t had the chance the explore much.

AsiaLive365: Do you have a favourite Thai dish?

There’s a restaurant in Toronto called Kao San road and I would always get the Yellow Curry.

AsiaLive365: You’ve obviously been very influenced by the Japanese (J pop) culture, video game and Dubstep. Is this something you’ve always been interested in? And what drew your attention towards it?

Ryan: Growing up from the ages of 10-12 onwards I was playing a lot of video games, getting my first computer and going on blogs and finding music from around the world. When I started sampling it kind of just stuck with me.
Ryan Hemsworth


AsiaLive365: Performing at Sonar in Hong Kong earlier in 2019. Which festival are you looking to perform next?

Ryan: Well I’ve been touring for a while and I think I’m taking it easy this year, recalibrating and starting different side projects.

AsiaLive365: What are your upcoming side projects?

Ryan: I have two coming up one is going to be guitar base – Indie-Rock sounding, and another one is going to be with a friend of mine with more of a early 2000’s pop stuff. I’ll also be working with more drums and acoustic base sound as everything I’m doing usually is on my laptop and isn’t very tactile so I’d really want to get into that.

AsiaLive365: Where would be your dream festival to Perform and who would you like to have B2B with you?

Ryan: Any form of festival in Iceland. I played at Sonar Iceland and it was kind of like a paradise there. I’d love to have B2B with Fiona Apple.
Ryan Hemsworth


AsiaLive365: With the new album “CIRCUS CIRCUS” in collaboration with Yurufuwa Gang which was released a month a go – how did you guys agreed on producing an album together?

Ryan: We met at show in Tokyo where I played over a year ago then we stayed in touch. I emailed them and sent them some beats and they liked it and decided to used them. Then we agreed on making a project, so they flew to LA and we made our first EP together within a space of a week. It was good timing for both of us because we were pretty motivated.

AsiaLive365: If you were given the chance to produce an album in the future with anyone who would it be? And why?

Ryan: I would always go back to old school R&B and bring them back to a more 2019 sound.

AsiaLive365: As a self-starter in the music industry – what challenges did you have to over come to get to where you are?

Ryan: In the beginning I was figuring out artworks, videos, and everything. Eventually you need to know when to delegate your job to others, when to get an agent and finding the right person to work with.
Ryan Hemsworth


AsiaLive365: As you are constantly traveling between Canada, the States, and now in Asia can you tell us if your set varies?

Ryan: I would try to approach it generally how I like to play. Also I try to think in an advance what the venue and crowds are like. Sometimes I do try and throw in something that I think the locals will like.

AsiaLive365: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans in Thailand right now?

Ryan: If anyone’s coming to show… how do people stay cool here because it gets pretty hot?