The new EP comes after the artist’s earlier single ‘Castles’. shy-c’s Solace In My Sleep is out now on all major digital streaming platforms.

The Singaporean music artist comes from a background of diverse musical experiences, from performing classical music, to playing in rock and jazz bands, and finally, branching into music production. His background in classical and pop music interweaves with his predominantly electronic style to feature acoustic instruments in prominent parts of his songs. With influences drawn from rock, lo-fi and synth pop, his music seeks to carve and develop a personal and unique electronic sound, outlining raw emotions that are often unspoken and tries to find catharsis in this endeavor.

Earlier this month, the electronic music producer also pre-empted his upcoming EP release, ‘Solace In My Sleep’ with a new track, ‘Castles’.

Home is not always a physical space, sometimes it can also be a person. ‘Castles’ is about finding comfort in the people around you and finding a way to overcome your personal struggles. 

Touching on a personal memory, shy-c shares,

“In 2018, I visited my partner while she was on exchange in Finland. The cold air was biting but the warmth of seeing her again made me forget about the weather. This very contrast of cold and internal warmth inspired the mood of the track. ‘Castles’ was written as a reminder that it is okay to rely and depend on our loved ones.”

Breaking down ‘Castles’, it starts out reposed and melancholic, where subdued synths pair with glitchy piano chords. As the track progresses, more layers are introduced and the timbre warms up. Heavy guitars, as well as thick and lush synth pads bring the drop in, providing listeners with the feeling that like you are sitting close to the sun, but the heat is a warm and welcoming embrace. 

The new EP ‘Solace In My Sleep’ builds up on that and is a conceptual 4-track EP made up of electronic songs describing modern anxieties and urban escapism. It features an eclectic palette of sounds and influences, ranging from chill electronic vibes to math rock guitar solos. 

shy-c explains, 

“These are songs for the weary hearts seeking respite from the daily stressors and life’s pressures, the ones who are looking for a sense of warmth that accompanies the break of dawn.”

Cover photo: Ammeli Ho