Soi Music TV is the first ever pan-Asian music discovery portal. Under the East-meets-West concept, it features some of the best indie artists from both regions.

In celebration of Asia Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Soi Music TV introduces you to ten Asian-American artists with fresh, raw and unplugged performances filmed at the heart of art and culture of the West Coast. Keep scrolling to watch these artists showcase their talents!

Dennis Thaikoon

Born and raised in the suburbs of LA, Dennis Thaikoon aka Dennis Tha Menace is known for his sick freestyle hip-hop. His music is highly influenced by his Thai roots, as well as his struggling battling LA’s street gang culture. Thaikoon just dropped his first single “Make Big Money” back in December, with this year’s “Cali Weed” as his second, and is about to drop his third single in ensuing months. He’s currently touring in Japan to promote his album.

C. Crave

Growing up around Cambondians as a boy, C.Crave infuses Khmer dialect into his lyrics. His famous “Khmer Rap” sheds light to the rarely-talked-about Khmer culture and history, and is complimented for placing the Khmer culture on an international platform.


EraNetik, real name Kennedy Calvin Phounsiri, is a Laotian-American hip-hop artist from San Diego, California. With a musician as a father, EraNetik grew up with music, and picked up breakdancing at a young age. Starting out as an underrated artist in the breakin’ scene, EraNetik has taken internet by a storm with millions of views on YouTube, establishing himself as a well-known native in the city.

Jason Chu

Jason Chu represents a positivity complex in music. As a faith-based artist, the Yale graduate is known for using his lyrics to voice his words on hope, healing, and justice in a broken world. The rapper has performed in multiple churches and colleges, including NYU, UMass, Wisconsin, Dartmouth, Williams, and Yale.

Yung Koconut

Having recorded over 60 numbers in less than a year, Yung Koconut is known for his killer freestyle and unique melodies. This Korean-American hip-hop artist debuted his Don’t Worry Be Happy Again project last year, featuring lively tunes that will definitely spice up your summer.


Combining the best of pop and hip-hop, AM Kidd has managed to capture fans of both genres of music through his honest lyricism and storytelling. The singer songwriter and producer continues to impress audiences with his Filipino charm and live music abilities.

Aisha Fukushima

As an African American Japanese woman, Aisha Fukushima was born in Seattle and raised in Yokohoma. This multilingual, multiracial artist constantly battled racial oppression, which has contributed to her fight for freedom and justice. Fukushima founded Raptivism (Rap Activism), a global hip hop project spanning across 10 countries, with efforts to challenge oppression through musical expression.

Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted is an indie pop band of two: Michael Garner (keys, vocals) and Dan Chang (bass, vocals). The duo is known for their infusion of pop and indie melodies in an upbeat dance of many genres. Their hit single “Operating”, is an emotional take on love, heartbreak and all the small things before, in between and after.

Travis Atreo

Born in the Philippines and raised in Seattle, Travis Atreo is known for his covers of hit numbers on Youtube. In his song “Excited,” the singer-songwriter gives us a taste of his talented vocals and musicality.


Also of Filipino descent, Nakhipop is a hiphop lyricist-rapper from Los Angeles, California. As an artist, Nakhipop often incorporates his Asian roots into his music, collaborating with several Asian-American EMs, such as MC Jin and Mickey Cho.