The Irish rock band have released their fourth album today and it’s a record that’s gleaming in beautiful colours and blue skies.

Last in Singapore and Asia in early 2019 for their Politics of Living Tour, the band consisting of members Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vincent May and Jason Boland have constantly embraced their fans with incandescent love and colours through their music.

The situation during these few months of global “lockdown” has been no different.

From multiple livestream sessions, to opportunities to take part in their #stayhomechoir or even to be part of their ‘Saving Grace’ music video, the positive vibes and glow from the Irish lads have been more than comforting as we all took ‘one day at a time’ in these uncertain times.

In April, the members took to Facebook and encouraged their fans to submit a video that featured “a day in their world whilst staying at home and keeping their community safe from the coronavirus”.


What followed was a precious and beautiful, almost tear-jerking music video released by the band in May.

The new album One Day at a Time is certainly one to pull at the heartstrings while also embracing us waves of warmth and comfort.

The positivity in the chords of Sometimes feel like he’s strumming blue skies, while the colours in ‘Spend It with You’ feel familiar and nostalgic. Likewise, the layers and colours in ‘Say Something’ and ‘Heart Open’ juxtapose in their beautiful poignancy and joy of each other, where both songs are neither completely one nor the other, but exude tinges of both emotions.

From the everglow and Coldplay-like feels of ‘Wherever You Are’ to the beautiful culminating feelings of ‘In The End’, the 10-track record certainly feels like a beautiful journey that you can take with the band…

Take One Day at a Time with Kodaline below.