More cancellation announcements came in from local event promoters in the wake of Thai king’s passing.

These include the highly-anticipated debut of Morrissey in Thailand, originally taking place on October 18. Ticket holders can receive refunds at all Thai Ticket Major counters.

The YouTube FanFest showcase and parties like those from Bangkok’s much-loved Kolour and Dudesweet are also called off.

Hard EDM festival Anotherworld announced its inaugural instalment will be postponed and a new date made public soon.

Additionally, next month’s November Music Festival, which will feature a diverse wave of local and international artists, has already been cancelled despite being held after Thailand’s observed period of mourning of 30 days.

The Thai government declared an extended period of mourning for its monarch, but asked promoters to hold no “joyous occasions” for one month. This also applies to governmental functions and regular TV broadcast.

Thailand and the world’s longest-reigning monarch King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away yesterday (Oct 13) afternoon at the age of 88, after a decade of deteriorating health.

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Updates: German rockers Scorpions’ 50th Anniversary Tour this October 26 has now been cancelled. Read the announcement from IMC Live Group and Viji Corp below.

K-pop concerts BIGBANG 2016 Made [V.I.P] (Oct 29-30) and JYP Nation (Nov 5-6) are confirmed cancelled, whereas GFriend’s fan meeting (Nov 13) and f(x)’s concert DIMENSION 4 – Docking Station – in BANGKOK (Nov 20) are postponed until further notice.

Next month’s Mystic Valley Festival is postponing its first instalment until further developments can be revealed.

As of October 17, Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has announced bars, clubs and entertainment venues can operate normally as long as they do behind closed doors, while concerts and festivals are asked to be postponed. No specific timeframe was given. What promoters originally understood as a 30-day period of no celebrations only applies to governmental functions and public service-related events.


BEC-Tero Entertainment postponed Bryan Adams’ Get Up! World Tour in Bangkok until further notice. The concert was originally slated for January 14, 2017.