The Danish artist Lukas Graham released an emotive song today.

GRAMMY® Award-nominated multi-platinum artist Lukas Graham shares his newest emotive new track “Scars” today on Warner Records.

Lukas Graham is a Danish pop band consisting of lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, drummer Mark Falgren, and bassist Magnus Larsson. The band first released their album, Lukas Graham, with labels Copenhagen Records and Then We Take The World in 2012. The album peaked at number one on the Danish charts. Their second album was released in 2015 and earned international attention with singles like “Mama Said” and “7 Years”, the latter of which topped the singles charts in many major music markets. The self-titled international debut album was officially released in the United States by Warner Bros. Records on 1 April 2016.
In the new single, Lukas wanted to address how scars can come in many shapes and forms, from both physical and psychological ones.
Lukas explains:
“Scars come in many shapes and forms. The physical ones are often the easiest to deal with, while psychological scars, can be very hard to cope with because no one can see them so we have to actively share them. We need to talk about these things in order to heal.” 
Listen to Scars below:





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