Despite the Coronavirus outbreak leading up to tour cancellations, Giolì & Assia took time to share their thoughts and perspective on gender equality in the music industry.

ASL365: Have you ever visited Asia before? If so, what for?

G&A: Yes, we already visited Asia. Our first trip to Asia was in June 2016. It was our first show outside Europe, and we were very excited about it. We performed in Thailand, Koh Phangan, for the Halfmoon Party, and it was awesome! We’ll remember that experience forever, because of the culture, traditions and beautiful landscapes. They were different from what we were used to see in Europe.

ASL365: Live music is a culture, an experience. Tell us, how long did you (or do you) plan for your YouTube clips and how tough is it to record at remote locations.

G&A: We had the idea of shooting a Live video already in summer 2018, but we needed more music and productions, before doing a complete video. So it took a couple of months. We shared the first one in April 2019. The most difficult and long part is to produce the new tracks we want on the new live video. Every video has different instruments, so we start figuring out which is the set up we want, and after, we start producing the tracks. For example “Feel Good” and “Inside Your Head” were meant to be the beginning track of the Live videos. Organizing these video is very complicated, but it’s one of the most interesting and stimulating things of our job. When we release them and see the reaction of the people, we understand that it’s worth the hard work.

ASL365: Who decides the sets?

G&A: We decide them: music, productions and locations.

ASL365: Before you got to where you are, could you please tell us the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated industry?

G&A: The most beautiful thing about our generation is the possibility to speak directly with your fans through social media. The moment you create your own career, you don’t really need the support from the older generation in the industry who have already reached the top and don’t really care about newcomers, and this could be both for new female or male artists. If you have talent and something to say to the audience, you’ll find your way, no matter how you identify.
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ASL365: How important do you think it is to have a ‘balanced’ line up of both male and female?

G&A: It’s important in the moment the organizer loves the lineup. We think that there should be both female and male artists on festival lineups, but just because there are tons of talented female and male artists out there. It’s not about gender, it’s about the art they make and produce.

ASL365: Do you often get judge and perceived by your looks rather than your skills?

G&A: Not really!

ASL365: Do you think there should be a “Women-Only” festival line up, if so why is it important?

G&A: This would discriminate against men, just as we accuse men of discriminating against women. Artists should be chosen because of their music and live show.

ASL365: Any advice for young women who want to get into electronic music?

G&A: Show the world how much you are worth and how much your art is worth, don’t be afraid of being discriminated as a woman. Art has no gender.

ASL365: How did you manage the transition from underground scenes to the big stages?

G&A: We guess more people started liking what we do, and most people background wasn’t from the underground scene. We have fans who love Ariana Grande, or Rosalia, and we are proud of it!

ASL365: Are you working on any new material or projects?

G&A: Sure! Since this quarantine has started, we produced 16 new tracks. Can’t wait to release them!

ASL365: Which other DJs and producers should we all be looking out for at the moment, maybe some we might not know all that much about?

G&A: We really like the latest productions of these artists: Themba and Lunar Plane.

ASL365: What other bookings do you have lined up for 2020 in Asia? If you don’t have any, when do you hope to return?

G&A: We don’t know actually. We are sad that we couldn’t make it to Kolour In The Park and Garden Beats Festival, we hope to be back in Asia very Soon!