We all know this is concert news, but let’s stop and marvel in awe at this wonder of technology – The Sphere. It is also known as the Madison Square Garden Sphere at the Venetian in Las Vegas. This 366 by 516-foot tall marvel of a venue can house up to 20,000 spectators and is coated with 580,000 square feet of fully programmable LED screens.

On the inside, however, lies its most significant selling point – the giant 160,000 square-foot LED scree. This spans across the venue and it is a remarkable experience. Anyone who bears witness within The Sphere is transported in a different world. Adding to the interactivity is the haptic seating set for 10,000 of its visitors. Its solid beamforming audio system is also trademarked as the Sphere Immersive Sound.

And who better to debut this futuristic megastructure than a band like U2? They have a penchant for creating anthems and selling out stadiums and arenas. The mighty band from Dublin kicked off their 25-show Vegas residency showcasing their seventh studio landmark album, Achtung Baby, and some other hits last September 29. This album incidentally turns 32 years old this year.

U2, once again, performed with gusto and filled the crowd on their initial run, and the concertgoers were lucky to have the experience of a lifetime. More events are lined up to take advantage of the technology housed within this venue. Dare I say – Asia, can we match this level of interactivity and tech? I hope so.

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