Toby Romeo shares fiery future house track ‘Oh Lord’ featuring the vocal talent of Deve.

Electronic music prodigy Toby Romeo is back with new dance anthem ‘Oh Lord’. The track follows his mega-hit collaborative effort, ‘Where The Lights Are Low’, with Felix Jaehn, and remix of ‘BED’ by David Guetta and Joel Corry.

The catchy tune is available to stream across all platforms via Universal Music.

The captivating ultra-bouncy tune features the vocal work of Austrian singer Deve, whose vocal sample adds a touch of touch rhythm for listeners.

The song’s earworm-inducing melody showcases the young DJ, whose career began at the age of 13, how musically talented he is.

Romeo co-produced close friend Felix Jaehn’s ‘Nea – Some Say (Felix Jaehn Remix)’ which has garnered over 260 million streams.

Earelier this year, he collaborated with Jaehn and FAULHABER on ‘Where The Lights Are Low’, a smash hit that’s already racked up over 60 million streams and received remixes from Mike Williams and TCTS.

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In 2020, Romeo produced seven remixes, including Jaehn’s singles, ‘No Therapy’ and ‘SICKO’.

The producer also performed a DJ set atop Austria’s stunning Hauser Kaibling mountain.

Photo credit: Huy Tran