The late tickets confirmations and lack of communication from Ultra Singapore set a stage for a cacophony online rumour for the organisers. Bad news from Ultra Singapore 2019: Martin Garrix will no longer be playing!

The rumour first began on Ultra Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram pages the past week ago. The EDM festival was slated to happen June 8-9 just outside Marina Bay Sands, however no construction work was seen despite the emerging schedule. Festival set up usually takes a month to set up.


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Due to the lack of updates from Ultra officials part, the rumours turned into serious concerns for many as online outrage made some believe that worse has happened, signaling ticket buyers to lash out on social media. Despite this, tickets were still being sold via AirAsiaRedTix.

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The festival is expected to be held at indoors venue of the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre instead of having it at its usual outdoor space. People finally began getting their tickets late on Jun 3. For some this means time to party on.

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With the way things have taken place, it’s mostly a relief that the worst-case scenario hasn’t happened for Ultra Singapore. But it just isn’t the same for most festival goers.

Updated (Jun 4, 14:00)  An anonymous source confirmed to AsiaLive365 that no major construction or activities were seen at the venue, leading to uncertainty whether it would be ready in time or worst, cancelled.

Updated (Jun 5, 11:18) Due to expected severe weather this weekend, Ultra Singapore 2019 has been relocated from ULTRA Park to B2 Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands. Ultra assure fans that the show continues as scheduled!

Updated (Jun 6, 10.10) Martin Garrix forced to cancel all shows coming weeks due to a serious ankle injury suffered during his show in Las Vegas on May 25th.