Uniting culture with the brothers duo – Beauz.

Beauz shares their inspiration on their latest track, upcoming collaborations and Spinnin’ Records.

Originally from Indonesia and Taiwan, duo brothers, Bernie and Johan Yang currently based in Los Angeles and San Francisco is here to share with us their latest track “Feel The Light”, working at Spinnin’ Records and more! Read below for the exclusive interview with Beauz.

ASL365: How did you guys start working together and how do you collaborate as a duo?

Beauz: We started working together in our mother’s womb. Jk, we’re not twins. We started the project together when Bernie was in college and Johan was in the last year of high school. Bernie had just found Electronic Music while attending a festival and the music, the passion and the story behind EDM struck a chord in his heart. Later, he recruited me to make beats together and since then we’ve become a team in producing, writing and everything else.
We usually use splice to share our projects, we text each other on the daily sending each other mint ideas. Bernie is the sound engineer and creative director so he’s in charge of revolutionizing the use of sounds and mix downs whereas Johan does lots of songwriting and producing catchy melodies and constantly looking for groundbreaking elements that could surprise the audience.

ASL365: Tell us a bit about your latest track “Feel The Light”. What inspired you to create this track?

Beauz: We’ve been bullied before ever since we were young due to our constant relocation and unavoidable clash of culture whenever we move to a new place. We wanted to produce a song that addresses the hopefulness that grows in an extremely unfavorable situation. The negative comments, constant pushing down of who we are only made us stronger in the end. Through adversities, having been engulfed in the darkness, taught us that there will always be light, as long as you believe in yourself and never give up.
In short, we wanted to communicate the idea that “no matter how dark the world may seem, there will always be light, as long as you believe, and as ling as you look for it.”
This song is a pioneer of the new found genre we’ve created called “Psy Pop”, it transcends traditional boundaries by infusing a more fast pace rhythm yet retaining the easy listening and catchy traits of pop records.

ASL365: How did you first link up with Spinnin’ Records Asia?

Beauz: We’ve always been a fan of Spinnin Records because of their ability to create monstrous hits and we have been in constant communication. As our sound evolves and as we took Asian inspiration from our childhood experiences into the music we produce, Jorn from Spinnin and Cindy from Warner Asia picked up Feel The Light and saw it as the perfect representation of “Spinnin’ Records Asia”. During 2019’s ADE we met up with the entire team at Spinnin. All the legends we’ve looked up to including Roger, Jorn and Cindy were all present to plan the exciting future of BEAUZ & Spinnin Asia. It definitely was a vibe.

ASL365: Being the first release on Spinnin’ Records Asia, what does it mean you? What’s it been like to have the support of one of the biggest labels in the business behind you?

Beauz: It’s a truly humbling experience. We’ve always aimed to become forerunners in bringing Asian centric sounds onto the global stage. Working with Spinnin’ Records Asia allowed us to do just that: and we know that as Asian market grows and matures, Asian artists are going to have the platform they need to enjoy equal opportunities as international artists in the global landscape.
Definitely feels good to have Spinnin’ believing in our vision. They are amazing at what they do and with such certification and support, we know our music is ready to take over the world.

ASL365: We know that you’ve released a lot of singles last year. Can we expect another album coming anytime soon?

Beauz: Well that really depends on our fans haha. We have so much new music that we can probably drop an EP followed by a full recording album. However, we think that fans need the time to digest new music. One thing for sure, we will 100% release as much music as possible and we will release music that will change the game 🙂

ASL365: How do you guys handle disagreements when it comes to music production?

Beauz: The thing about working in a team is that there has to be an absolute form of trust. Bernie being the older brother and the creative director has the final say in matters where we disagree upon. As the younger brother,  I will for sure put in my two cents but at the end of the day, I will unconditionally believe in Bernie’s judgments. So far this has worked well for us since Bernie is very peculiar with his taste and in the times it doesn’t, we bear the consequences together as a team. I’d say that it’s hard that something will come between us.

ASL365: What would you say are the biggest changes or adjustments in your songwriting process since you guys began working together?

Beauz: We’ve grown into our own specialities but one of the biggest change is we both learned to do everything because we are able to teach each other. Bernie has been very involved in songwriting as of late and Johan has produced more and more hits.

ASL365: Tell us about how the industry has changed since you first came up and how you’ve adapted with those changes to stay relevant?

Beauz: The industry has changed quite a bit. It is now super accessible for everyone who is willing to learn to pick up basic production skills – and as visual content become more and more relevant, producers and musicians aren’t really allowed to just put time into making music anymore; they have to constantly look for ways to infuse personalities into their brand. The world’s attention span has become shorter than ever. We want BEAUZ to become a brand that represents more than just music. We want to inspire people from all different creative fields worldwide. In order to achieve that, we have started to present who we are as people more and more to the public through the help of social media. We want the fans to know us and feel like we are all friends.

ASL365: What’s the craziest thing you have ever experienced at any of your performances across the globe?

Beauz: When we performed at Day Dream Festival in Shanghai 2018, our fans not only showed up super early to attend our set opening the live stage, but also knew the lyrics to all our hit songs, sang along with us and gave us the warmest embrace an artist could ever receive. As we walked across the stage the happiness on their face told us we are never going to give up our dream of giving the best music to the world.

ASL365: 2019 has been a huge year for Beauz, what’s coming up next?

Beauz: We will be releasing ground breaking tracks and we will be unloading collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry. We will also breathe new life into our brand and do something NOBODY has ever done before. BE HYPED cuz its BEAUZ INTHA HOUSE.






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