Celebrating the release of her new crydancing EP, sad alex shares an uplifting music video for the title track.

Directed by Justin Pagano, the music video for ‘crydancing’ from pop singer sad alex expands on the track’s celebration of dancing through emotional lows.

‘crydancing’ sees Alex and her friends through moments of tear-filled dancing at home, in cars, and at their wait staff jobs.

crydancing EP, released last week, is described by sad alex as a “mixtape of mixed emotions”. The record features seven tracks that represents all sides of the singer-songwriter as well as new tracks previously teased on her TikTok page.

The range of songs on crydancing has been stylistically described by Alex as “all over the place,” embracing her versatility as an artist.

The EP opens up with the piano-driven ‘until’ as sad alex reflects on memories from previous lovers. ‘one that got away’ is a collaboration with mike. that details the feelings of regret and ‘what if?’ that comes with the potential of a past relationship that never fully came to fruition.

‘dating myself’ embraces self-care whereas ‘ibtc (remix)’ sees Alex team up with St. Louis-born rapper MILES for a rework of her viral TikTok hit that garnered over 20 million views.

The EP finishes on two new tracks, ‘come over’ and ‘crydancing’, before ending on a melancholic note with ‘california queen’.