The Thai-Italian singer has shared her first single of the year with ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’.

‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’, Valentina Ploy’s first single of 2021, deals with her vulnerability, revealing the worst part of herself to the one she loves.

She notes, ‘It’s very easy to idealize yourself and like yourself at your best but when you’re drunk sleeping in taxis, irrational, at your worst, would people still feel the same about you?’

A person brimming with positivity, the singer is not afraid to reveal her flaws and insecurities in this heartfelt track. With this song, she hopes to normalize the human side of us, imperfections and all.

‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’ is produced in collaboration with producer Richard Craker.

She comments,

“He played with the sounds, turned vocal ad libs into samples and made sure to add the little details that made the track very me”. “Emotion, vulnerability, honesty – that always moves me.”

The new single follows the singer’s previous release, ‘Really Wanna Know Ya’, last year in September. Before that, she released her debut EP,Β Satellite, in July.