Vivian Hsu releases her new album ‘I’m V’

Prolific Taiwanese singer and actress Vivian Hsu has made her official return to music with her latest album I’m V, which includes 15 of her greatest hits and five new songs.

This is her first official release since she stepped out of the scene years ago.

‘I’m V’ is the product of much reflection on Vivian’s past experiences and aspirations for the future.

The name of the album is a shorthand for “I’m Vivian”. As an idol, singer, performer, composer, author and producer, Vivian has been a pioneer across multiple creative domains. ‘I’m V’ captures the essence of her ever-evolving musical journey.

‘I’m V’ is also pronounced similarly to “Iron V”. While working hard as a performer, Vivian returned to university to earn an MBA, and has continued to concern herself with the feminist movement. Her steel-like perseverance earned her the nickname “Iron V”.

Vivian’s passion and tenacity is reflected in her hits both new and old. With the track 再見錯的人 “Goodbye”, Vivian calls for women to bravely bid the toxic people in their lives farewell.

This is followed by lead single 不敗的 “InVincible”, in which Vivian advocates taking failures in our stride and regaining the strength to find a new path ahead, just as she has. “InVincible” samples her hit song 不敗的戀人“InVincible Lover”. This perfectly encapsulates Vivian’s growth from singing about an invincible love, to living as a dauntless individual. “InVincible” is Vivian’s first foray into epic rock. As a nod to her ancestry. the song includes cries made by Vivian herself in the recording studio, reminiscent of Taiwanese indigenous chants.

For the music video, industry veteran Shockley Huang prepared five preliminary scripts, ultimately deciding to go avant-garde to visually emphasise the spirit of “InVincible”.

As expected of one of the most fashion-forward figures in the scene, form-fitting bodysuits in bold red and black were custom-made for Vivian and delivered from England to match the mood of “InVincible”. She made great sacrifices for her artistic vision, going on a strict diet,  toning her body and even limiting her liquid intake to prevent perspiring during the shoot. The intense look was complete with striking eye make-up and braids.

On the tracklist are some of Vivian’s greatest hits, including “InVincible”, “Goodbye”, “InVincible Lover”. Fans who purchase the physical album can expect to find more hidden tracks.





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