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Watch Noah Cyrus’ animated timelapse music video for ‘The End of Everything’

Following the release of her second EP, The End of Everything, the American singer-songwriter has dropped a visually striking music video for the title track.

Released on May 15 via Columbia Records, Noah Cyrus’ introspective The End of Everything EP is an acoustic mini-album laden with emotional ballads from heartbreaking lead single ‘July’ to the spiritually-uplifting ‘I Got So High I Saw Jesus.’

A few days later, on May 19, the singer released a powerful music video for the EP’s title track. The music video, directed by John Boswell, presents a simple yet visual look as the entire universe comes to an end.

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“Everyone you love is gonna die,” begins Cyrus’ closing track of the EP as planet Earth begins spinning fast into the future. “But, darlin’, so is everything, don’t cry,” she continues as the video shows the Earth’s eventual devolution as natural disasters bring about the end of the world.

As we continue to live our lives under lockdown, the song is a bittersweet yet fitting reminder that as we live with uncertainty towards the future, everything in life is temporary and that you shouldn’t let “any moment pass you by”.

“And man, there really ain’t no sadder thing, they’re really ain’t sweeter thing,” sings Cyrus.

Cyrus has this to say of the song:

“The inspiration behind this song changed my life. It’s all inspired by a time-lapse video of the universe I saw by John Boswell, who also directed my video for this song. For me, it really put into perspective how shortly lived our moments here as humans are. Situations from when I was younger started entering my head that I wanted to apologize for.  There were people I wanted to reach out to that I hadn’t checked in on in a while.  There were wrongs that I felt needed to be made right. I realized I needed to appreciate the current moment more, and to let the ones I love know I love them. The message that what we have RIGHT NOW is what matters. Nothing else.”

The inspirational time-lapse video in question is the stunning ‘Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time’ which can be viewed from director John Boswell’s YouTube channel (melodysheep).

The video takes viewers on a journey through the end of time to give a possible look of what our planet, and the universe as a whole, would look like in the future.

Listen to the The End Of Everything EP on Spotify:





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