Watch dhruv’s first official music video for viral hit ‘double take’

After topping the international charts across the globe with his track, ‘double take’, dhruv has shared his first official music video to accompany the song.

dhruv has shared his official music video for his 2019 debut single, ‘double take’. Shot entirely on film, the MV features the 22-year-singer traveling around locations in London.

He comments,

“This video feels like a really good introduction into the world of my first project, which has been a couple of years in the making. I wanted the “double take” visual to showcase  how everyday life feels elevated when you’re falling in love, and I think Aboveground did a really good job of capturing that. We shot it over a couple of days and drove all around London to find locations that felt in the dreamscape of what we were going for. It was risky shooting my first music video on film, but I feel like it paid off.”

‘double take’, dhruv’s lovelorn 2019 debut single, is a global hit for the burgeoning Indian-Singaporean singer.

The track received over 250 million streams worldwide, catapulting to the top of the Viral Charts including peaking at #1 in the Philippines and Thailand and placing in the the Top 5 in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

dhruv says,

“It’s difficult to compute but amazing. I remember celebrating an early milestone when it hit 1000 streams a few days after I dropped it. I really couldn’t have expected it to reach this scale, especially since it is my debut and I released it independently.

Friends from high school have been sending me videos of the song playing in coffee shops I used to frequent and on different local stations I’d listen to on my way to school. It’s honestly a bit surreal. It feels really special to me that the song has resonated in South East Asia, and in Singapore in particular, because that’s where I was raised”

The track also went viral on TikTok, generating over four million videos and spawning the ‘double take’ trend. Stars such as Noah Beck and Sung-hoon of Enhypen have also participated in the trend.

Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and Amy Winehouse, dhruv has been writing hundreds of songs in his bedroom before making his proper debut with ‘double take’ in 2019.

Last year, the artist followed up with ‘moonlight’ and ‘vulnerable’, offering fans a glimpse of what to expect from his forthcoming first EP.





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