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What We Love This Week: December 13, 2015

There’s a bajillion things going on in music weekly. Want to know just what really bewitched, bothered and bewildered AL365 staff? Go on then, scroll down!

1. Florence + the Chosen One

©Jeff Spicer
©Jeff Spicer

Hermione’s line “she’s only interested in you because she thinks you’re the Chosen One” might have come to mind when our Heaven-sent siren Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) lowered herself from TFI Friday’s stage to caress, sing to and almost kiss Daniel Radcliffe. But of course it wasn’t his role as the Boy Who Lived that got him the attention. The “Delilah” singer is known to pick a member of her audience and sing to their face. She told Rolling Stone, “[During “What Kind Of Man”] I just look for the guys who have been singing along for most of the show”. Ah, now we know who’s a fellow Flo fan. Well done, Mr. Potter!

2. Hozier took us to church and then some

The BBC Music Awards 2015 held last Thursday (Dec 10) was a triumph, with killer live performances from Rod Stewart, Years & Years and One Direction and deserving double nods for Adele who won British Artist of the Year and BBC Live Performance of the Year. The show’s highlight for us, however, is Song of the Year winner Hozier who took us to church all over again with his epic delivery of the song that truly is 2015’s zeitgeist. The additional music from the BBC Orchestra gave us even more chills.


3. The punk dream of Christmas past


What happens when your 00’s emo heroes come together to record a holiday jam? A punk dream that is “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” crafted by The Holidaze—All Time Low’s own Alex Gaskarth, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier, Goldfinger’s John Feldmann and 5SOS drummer boy Ashton Irwin. Phew! We haven’t even started head-banging yet. What’s even more special is that they’re doing this for a good cause. The guys are raising money for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to inspire the young through entertainment and education focused initiatives. Listen to the special track here.

4. We’ll let Ellie Goulding set the pace

The much hyped-about lingerie galore that is Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 aired this past week. And it wouldn’t be a feast for our senses without its music. Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding completed this year’s lineup. Sure, we somehow felt robbed of the chance of seeing Rihanna but the British pop star who replaced her certainly made it all okay. Check out the stunning winter wonderland of a performance of “Love Me Like You Do” below.


5. He’ll never go out of style

Alex Lomas boarded a flight to London from LA and was casually—who wouldn’t—scrolling down Instagram to look at posts about Harry Styles. Before takeoff Alex looked up to see who’d be seated next to her for the next 10 hours. She realised it’s the same boy whose pictures she’s been looking at all this time! What we love even more is how nice and attentive the boy bander charmer is towards his fan. According to Alex, they joked, laughed and talked about “how tired we both are and how is going home for home Christmas.” Harry is also “as lovely as you all hope and wish and even more.” Sigh, if this isn’t magic, we don’t know what is.

What are your favourites moments in music this past week? Share with us in the comment, and we’ll be seeing you next week, AsiaLivers!





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