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Many hip hop stars and music artists have emerged over the years, but very few have been able to make it big. While some people believe that only people with musical backgrounds and well-known families survive in the world of music, it is not valid. Fame and money come to those who struggle for it and stay motivated no matter how hard it gets. Many artists gained success and remained on top of the charts because they were full of talent and passion.

The early 2000s especially introduced many top-quality music artists that people love even today. One of those artists and all-time favorite singer is Chris Brown. If you’re a music admirer and lover of actual talent, Chris’s must be in your playlists. If not! Listen to his songs right away! If you have queries regarding Chris and his life and want to know, “How old is Chris Brown?” This article is just what you need.

Who Is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is a famous singer, actor, and songwriter who gave the world hits like ‘Run It!’ and ‘Forever’. His original name is Christopher Maurice Brown, and he was born on May 25, 1989, in Virginia. Chris is best known for his powerful impact and soulful music. However, like most music artists, his life is also full of controversies that sometimes overshadow his talent. In any case, he has managed to gain success and win a considerable army of fans worldwide.

How Old Is Chris Brown?

Chris fans are often found asking questions like “How old is Chris Brown?” The American rhythm-and-blues artist was born in 1989, making him thirty-one years old. Even at 31, he somehow manages to win the hearts of youngsters in their 20s. Now that you know “How old is Chris Brown?”, don’t forget to listen and dance to his best-seller albums once again.

Chris’ Early Life

The small-town boy Chris made it big in the music world. He discovered his passion for music and dance when he was just a teenager. At the age of only fifteen years, Brown was signed to Jive Records. The single ‘Run It!’ became a chart-topping hit, making Chris an instant in the realm of vocals and music.

His skills made him a suitable comparison to personalities like Michael Jackson and Usher. He was also nominated as the best new artist and won two Grammy Awards. While his primary focus was on creating teen music, his album released in 2007, Exclusive, showed that the rising star had gone more mature with his vocals.

How Did Chris Get Famous and Reach Peak in His Career

Chris has seen many ups and downs both in his life and professional career. His fame started to accelerate with his very first album in 2005 and boomed up to the skies after his first MTV VMA performance. His aerobic 2007 performance made millions of people lose their minds over his dance moves. It seemed as if the singer was walking on water super smoothly.

Later, his assault to Rihanna became huge news and setback for his career, but Chris managed to win the public’s hearts again by performing at the BET Awards. His tribute to the pop music king Michael Jackson was a show-stopper and made Chris win millions of fans. In 2011, F.A.M.E became Chris’s first album to earn him a Grammy accolade. It was perhaps the peak of his career.

Chris’s Net Worth

Now that you know all about Chris’s rise to fame and how old Chris Brown is, you must be desperate to know his net worth. Aren’t you? Chris Brown’s net worth is estimated to be around fifty million in 2020.

That was all about Chris Brown. Though his life has been full of struggles and setbacks, music lovers always admire him and his music. Undoubtedly, he will remain prominent as one of the top artists in the music industry to introduce new styles.