BEC's "Be Here Now"

BEC’s “Be Here Now”: A Techno Trip for the Soul


Imagine a city that breathes electronic music. Now, picture yourself at the heart of it. Pulsing basslines coursing through your veins, the frenetic energy of the crowd a tangible force. That’s the world BEC invites you into with her new single, “Be Here Now.”

Sure, it’s got the driving rhythm and fist-pumping energy that sets your feet ablaze. But BEC, a rising star who’s already shared stages with techno royalty. Giants like Carl Cox and Adam Beyer, injects an extra dose of soul into the mix.

From Bedroom Geek to Techno Queen: BEC’s Journey to the Top

BEC’s rise is a testament to raw talent and relentless dedication.  She wasn’t born a techno queen; she honed her craft in the solitude of her workspace. This obsession with experimentation led to a sound that’s uniquely hers – a perfect blend of technical mastery and raw emotion, all fueled by the infectious spirit of Berlin’s techno scene.

Her talent didn’t go unnoticed. Pan Pot, techno heavyweights in their own right, were the first to take notice, signing her on their influential Second State label. It was a launchpad to techno superstardom, leading to releases on Intec and Drumcode, all while touring alongside the very artists who inspired her.

Be Here Now: It’s an Experience

But labels and accolades are just a part of the story.  BEC’s true magic lies in her ability to translate the energy of the techno scene into a tangible experience. “Be Here Now” is a prime example.

BEC, a three-deck virtuoso, weaves a tapestry of sound. Heavy loops intertwine with remixed tracks, all constantly evolving and building tension. It’s dark, it’s hypnotic, and it forces you to stay present, to truly “Be Here Now,” as the title and chanting continue to suggest.

More than just a release, the single is a continued declaration of her dedication to the craft. BEC is not just an artist on the rise, she’s a visionary laying the groundwork for her own label – a platform to unleash her uncompromising sound and transport listeners to the heart of techno’s pulsating world.  So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and let BEC’s “Be Here Now” take you on a techno trip for the soul.
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