Electronic house duo from Belgian namely, Wolfpack shares with us the story behind Wolfpack 2.0, inspiration behind their new song, working with Deigo Miranda and many more.

Having played at top festivals like Tomorrowland, Cream Ibiza and Tomorrowland’s garden. EDM duo from Belgium Wolfpack is here with AsiaLive365 to share inspiration behind their new song “ELEVA”, favourite food in China, difference between Electronic music scene compared to the rest of the world and many more. Read Below

AsiaLive365: What is the most frequent Chinese words do you use when traveling in China?

Wolfpack: nǐ hǎo – xièxie – píjiŭ

AsiaLive365: Use 3 words to describe each other

Wolfpack: Ruben: DJ, Caring, Gamer. Steve: Father, Entertainer, thoughtful.

AsiaLive365: What is Wolfpack 2.0? What is the story behind it?

Wolfpack: Its is an update of the old Wolfpack, we wanted to do something extra for our fans and that’s why we designed our Wolf Masks, also we have to admit its a lot of fun for us and it looks very good on the pictures.

AsiaLive365: How do you describe China Electronic Music Scene as compare to the rest of Asia countries and Europe?

Wolfpack: A growing culture that has a lot of potential.

AsiaLive365: Which is your most favorite city in China in term of sighting and food?

Wolfpack: We really enjoy Shanghai because there is a lot of variety in food and nice people.
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AsiaLive365: What do you see China Electronic Music scene in 3 years times?

Wolfpack: We have no idea, everything changes so quickly these days, we wish we could predict the future but that would also be boring 😉

AsiaLive365: What is the inspiration behind your new song ELEVA? Is this the first time you worked with Deigo Miranda and Fatman Scoop?

Wolfpack: It is the inspiration of Us, Diego and Fatman Scoop mixed. We have done a couple of collaborations together already, we became good friends and we also have a lot more tracks in the pipeline!
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AsiaLive365: Last year was your highest ranking on DJmag Top 100 DJ. How much work was behind the scene to push yourself up on the chart and what is your goal for tis year ranking?

Wolfpack: We truly have been blessed with our high ranking in Dj-Mag!! The only thing we do and can do is to make as much as possible great tracks, be friendly to our fans, and perform crazy, energetic and fun shows!

AsiaLive365: Describe the festival or music event that changed your life.

Wolfpack: Tomorrowland Brazil was a beautiful and exhilarating festival! Playing on the MainStage when the sun came down performing our TML anthem Find Tomorrow really changed our lives in a good way.
Check out their new song ELEVA with Deigo Miranda and Fatman Scoop