After sharing title track “WHAT WE DREW” with a dreamy music video, Yaeji’s debut mixtape comes out today.

Yaeji is back and she has gifted fans with the release of her debut mixtape, “WHAT WE DREW” today. The mixtape, released on XL Recordings, marks the Korean-American vocalist and producer’s first full-length release after producing hit singles such as “raingurl” and “drink i’m sippin on” back in 2017. Fans who fell in love with her music’s chill beats as well as her quiet singing style of both Korean and English vocals, will find a lot to love in this 12-track mixtape here.

Lyrically, the mixtape is a personal record for the electronic producer. The wistful and dreamy title track shows her gratitude and love for her friends and family. Lead single “WAKING UP DOWN” presents her monotonous yet soothing voice against a banging drum pattern as she sings about waking up to her daily routine. Its moments like these that show just how Yaeji’s production skills is bursting with creativity, her mellow voice flowing well with her unique blend of music genres of dance, pop and hip-hop. From the slow and dreamy opening and closing tracks “MY IMAGINATION” and “NEVER SETTLING DOWN” to the more hypnotic hip-hop beats prevalent in tracks such as “MONEY CAN’T BUY” and “FREE INTERLUDE”.

Check out the title track’s dreamy music video, which was filmed in Korea and features Yaeji, her grandfather and her friends (known as the DADAISM crew), below.