Ahead of their tour to Asia in 2020, American emo and math rock band Tiny Moving Parts had a chance to tell us about their music and ideas behind their latest album – breathe.

Consisting of Dylan Mattheisen (guitar/vocals), Matthew Chevalier (bass/vocals), and Billy Chevalier (drums), the Minnesota band will be heading to Asia in February next year.
It will be their second time to Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand and their inaugural visit to Vietnam, China and Japan.
Their album ‘breathe’ was released in September 2019 and includes hits like ‘Medicine’ and ‘Bloody Nose’.
Ahead of their visit to the region, AsiaLive365 had the chance to speak with the band about their music, and this is what they have to say about their new album – breathe.

ASL365: Hi Tiny Moving Parts, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Congrats on the new album ‘breathe’ – it’s a beauty and sonically fantastic. We’re really looking forward to hearing some of the songs when you guys tour to Asia next year. There is an introspective layer of maturity in the album where the emotional crutch of the soundscape feel almost like an ocean swell; it’s glorious, with a touch of emo-rock nostalgia that’s reminiscence of my teenage years. So tell us, what propel you guys to come up with this album; like why now? What are the stories behind some of the songs?

TMP: It sounds cliche to say it’s an outlet for me, but it truly is! I love being able to write how I feel and put into our music. Getting the anxiousness and sadness out of my system instead of having it stay there is a good thing my mental health. Lots of the songs are about trying to be a better person to everyone around you, and to yourself. Sometimes in life you will hit the bumps in the road, but it’s important to try stay optimistic in the short of time you have in this world.

ASL365: How about the album cover. Is there a story behind the concept art of the album?

TMP: Taking a deep breath is such an easy thing to do, and can benefit you so much. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and feel a hundred times more relaxed after! The peacefulness is something we wanted captured for the album art and Matt did a great job figuring it all out. The little wolf surrounded by flowers with the mountains in the background is quite peaceful.

ASL365: ‘Medicine’ and ‘Icicles (Morning Glow)’ are probably my favourite songs in the album. I love the instrumental layers in ‘Medicine’ and the explosion of the chorus in ‘Icicles’. Sonically, the songs seem to resound in me. If you guys could pick a favourite song from the new album, what would it be and why?

TML: Vertebrae is my favorite at the moment. I was going through a tough time and felt that I needed this song. Highly emotional but also a fun sing a long song.

ASL365: Back to the layers and chords in ‘Medicine’; which I am definitely enraptured by. What was the recording process like for this piece?

TML: We recorded that song with John Fields. He’s a producer from Minneapolis, who we’ve never worked with previously. It was a great experience to work with someone new, who by the way is very talented, and create music together! We tried so many ideas, even did a banjitar for the bridge in Vertebrae, and overall had a wonderful time!

ASL365: The vastness of ‘alternative’ music is quite wide. What sort of band do you see yourselves more as? More emo or punk rock, or more math rock? For instance, your latest album certainly evokes aesthetics of the former. Thus, if you could describe your sound in one sentence – what would it be?

TML: We honestly don’t think about titles or genres too much. We write what we thing is awesome! Our songs are definitely emotional so you can’t really go wrong saying we’re an emo band haha.
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ASL365: If you could pick any album (for someone who has never heard your music) to listen to, what would it be and why?

TML: It would definitely be ‘breathe’. Feel like it captures our sound, very intense parts, yet very catchy sing a long parts! It has a good variety of it all in the 30 minutes of jamming it.

ASL365: Being brothers and cousins, what is it like touring as a family? Any funny anecdotes?

TML: We feel it’s beneficial being related since we were best friends forever. We know each other super duper well, and we know not to push each other’s buttons. It’s quite important to make sure everyone is having fun on tour!

ASL365: This is your second time in Asia/Singapore, what do you hope to check out, see or eat during your time here in the region that you didn’t get to the first time around?

We want something spicy! Our taste buds can handle quite spicy foods, but I want to eat something so insanely hot that it melts my mouth off! We love finding cool restaurants to eat at, if you have any recommendations please let us know!

ASL365: How stoked are you guys about performing in Singapore, and what can fans expect from your show on 7 Feb 2020?

TML: We are beyond excited to come back to Singapore!!! We absolutely loved our first time there last year, and can’t wait to get back!!!

ASL365: Lastly, any shoutout for your fans in Asia?

Thank you Tiny Moving Parts, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Singapore on February 7, 2020!
Special thanks to Secret Signals.
Tickets to Tiny Moving Parts in Asia can be purchased via Skesh Entertainment.