Indie-pop singer-songwriter DEON has collaborated with Netflix’s Terrace House star Shohey Uemura (上村翔平) to release the acoustic rendition of ‘Fix’, dropping worldwide today (July 3, 2020) across all digital platforms.

This version reimagines DEON’s tune with Japanese lyrics helmed by Shohey’s mellifluous vocals at parts of the song, giving listeners a glance into DEON’s upcoming acoustic EP release prologue; eulogia.

‘Fix’ describes the sliver of hope we all carry while taking on personal demons. The tune was originally inspired by DEON’s personal afflictions, drawing inspiration from his parents’ battle with illnesses – in particular his father’s struggle with Parkinson’s.

Explains DEON,

“While the song stokes the fire in each of us to tackle our issues, it also allows for the release of pent up frustrations. More than ever before, I hope listeners get the chance to relate to its very simple message of not giving up.”

Shohey, the lead singer and frontman for Tokyo-based act THREE1989, first met DEON when they shared the stage for a performance at solfa (中目黒 Nakameguro, Tokyo) last year. Alongside producers Mindy Kon and Shimo Yutaka (下村裕), they started working on this effort in late 2019.

Said Shohey,

“I was really glad DEON performed alongside us in Japan. When I first heard ‘Fix’, it got me emotional, I was moved. For the Japanese lyrics, I centred it around the theme of DEON’s lyrics and my own personal experiences – about family and loved ones. Farewells can be sad, but they do make us stronger at times.”

DEON also took the chance to weigh the importance of using technology to push through with creative output and delivering songs despite restrictions caused by COVID-19 in Singapore and Japan.

On a personal level, producing this work helped me emote and break free from anxieties derived from being cooped up. But beyond that, I wanted to inject some life into the daily routine of people who might need it by bringing something different to their palates and more importantly, to relate and feel connected.”

Shohey’s bandmate from THREE1989, Shimo, weighed in on the project,

Collaborating with artists beyond our borders is extremely rare for us. When I first heard the tracks DEON sent over, I thought it was already quite complete. It was a great experience and I’m thankful to have worked with DEON.”


prologue; eulogia shines a spotlight on four songs from DEON’s third full-length album, eulogia; eulogy. The acoustic EP strips these songs down to their barebones and gives listeners the opportunity to immerse in lyrics and melodies from the songwriter’s point of view. In essence, it exposes layers of vulnerability (performance and persona) from the artist. 

Two bonus live tracks mixed by Leonard Soosay of Snakeweed Studios will also be included in the EP. All acoustic tracks for the upcoming EP were recorded (before Feb 2020) and produced alongside DEON’s long-time musical companion Mindy (and Shimo for ‘Fix’), in a room no bigger than four-square-metres over the span of 6 months. Mastered by Tom Ignatius (Norway), DEON first announced this endeavour in Jan 2020, at a live performance at Singapore’s premier arts landmark, the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Inspired by artists such as Ásgeir, Rachael Yamagata, Tom Hardy and Chris Martin, DEON is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who blends earnest melodies and evocative lyrics, building a collection of heartfelt songs over the years. His earlier work, eulogia; eulogy was released in mid-2019. Transiting from a drummer to a singer-songwriter in late 2011, he has since released two full-length albums, Antiphobic (2014), and Oceans (2015). He has also released a 9-track EP, Oceans Remix (2016), based on remixes of his tracks by 9 different producers.

Citing anxiety, loneliness and idleness as his biggest motivators for crafting tunes, the songwriter hopes to provide headspace and empathy for listeners. 

“I’ve never been good with words when it matters – I just don’t package prose well under stress. But within the confines of music, I’m able to nestle my emotions and relate to others. I’ve got this window to send messages out to the world and feel a little less isolated”.

Since the music act’s conception, DEON has opened for Rachael Yamagata (USA, 2013), The Maine (USA, 2015), and Of Monsters and Men (Iceland, 2016). He has also played alongside South-American heavyweight Tiago Iorc (Brazil), and indie-rock heroes from down under, Fairchild (Aus/UK). DEON has also travelled to Toronto, Tokyo, Melbourne, Liverpool and London to perform on various stages.