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Adele: Donald Trump doesn’t have permission to use my music

Adele has told Donald Trump he doesn’t have permission to use her music at his campaign rallies.

The word got to Adele after fans had expressed their discontent having heard the British singer’s hit “Rolling In The Deep” played as Trump’s warm-up music. The line “we could have had it all” was played as a refrain to hype up the atmosphere before the Republican presidential hopeful’s entrance.

To nobody’s surprise, @kmbbryant is right.

Adele’s camp responded to The Independent the singer doesn’t endorse Donald Trump nor has she “given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.”

Despite this obvious lack of permission, however, the GOP candidate continued to use “Rolling In The Deep” at his Iowa rally.

Yes, it’s much bigger than what’s played at rallies and whether it’s permitted or not, but guess who just lost to Ted Cruz in *Iowa*?

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