Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin releases new album ‘These Two Windows’

The American singer-songwriter, who just turned 26 on May 28, has released his debut studio album These Two Windows – a follow up to his pop-folk mixtape Narrated For You.

The talented singer-songwriter who recently performed for his first solo gig last August in Singapore, is also known for lush vibes such as ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ and ‘If We Have Each Other’.

Says Benjamin,

“In music and storytelling, everybody explores the same themes, recycled over and over again, because there’s not that many things worth talking about. What differentiates one story from another is the perspective. These Two Windows is a metaphor for my eyes – my take on what’s being recycled through history. That’s what makes my retelling of those stories unique.”

The first song on the new album, ‘Mind Is A Prison’, was released in December 2019 and has had over 3.5 million hits on YouTube.

Says Benjamin of the song,

“I feel trapped sometimes. I go over and over things in my head that I can’t change. Sometimes I feel like I’m not in control of my own thoughts, and that’s what the song is about. It’s about me exploring free will and how I feel sometimes I don’t have any.” 

Together with the album release, Benjamin has also released the music video to the song ‘Match In The Rain’ – a texturally lovely piece full of musical layers that seem to swell in you like waves at sea.

We are certainly in love with the beautiful vibes to this new album. It overflows with vocals and beats that call out to us, filling us with lyrical metaphors and sounds that seem to dance like fireflies.

Listen to the bright new album here:





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