The music festival, which is organized for the benefit of COVID-19 relief efforts, is set to take place within the video game Minecraft on Saturday.

Virtual concert organizer Open Pit have announced Nether Meant, a virtual music festival taking place within the video game world of Minecraft. Emo rockers American Football are scheduled to headline the event on Saturday, April 11 alongside electronic band Anamanaguchi. Fans can also expect performances from artists such as Baths, Skylar Spence, HANA, Meishi Smile and many more. Organized for COVID-19 relief efforts, the festival takes its name from the fiery area in Minecraft and American Football’s opening track from their 1999 debut album.

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The live stream event starts at 6pm EST at the Elsewither Club virtual space in Minecraft, named after the real-life Brooklyn-based live music venue Elsewhere. Attendees can head on over to their website for instructions on how to join in on the fun by logging into the game. For those who don’t have the video game, they can stream the audio from the website on the day of the event or they can head on over to Open Pit’s Twitch channel here.

The event will also sell VIP passes that will give users access to special VIP areas in-game, exclusive in-game merch, as well as access to VIP areas within the Discord application where users can talk directly with the artists and organizers. All proceeds will go to Good360’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

This isn’t the first time Open Pit have organized a music festival within Minecraft. The organizers have previously hosted the Fire Festival and Coalchella virtual concert events in the game. You can check the full artist lineup for Nether Meant below.