#NoFilter: Apple moves to block iPhone cameras at live concerts

Prepare to bid farewell to the nagging pain of being distracted by the little screens of those trying to capture every single moment whilst a band is playing, as Apple is about to deactivate iPhone cameras at live concerts.

That is, if you’re not the one filming for keepsake or Instagram likes – #BestNightEver.

As extreme as this sounds, Apple just patented a technology that will potentially block the iPhone camera feature.

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The newly introduced technology would allow venues to use an infrared transmitter to disable iPhone cameras.

This would prohibit the audience from taking photos and videos during concerts.

©Patently Apple
©Patently Apple

When the transmitter is switched on, the mobile phone would display a “recording disabled” message if users attempt to use the camera function. An alternative would be to apply a watermark to the photography to prevent content from being shared online.

Nevertheless, nothing is yet certain. The company might just patent the technology without actually using it, which is not uncommon among companies.

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The invention follows the growing concerns of fans spoiling intimate concerts through the sharing of footage on social media.

Adele herself recently told off a female fan who was filming her during her show in Italy to “enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera.”

Adele concerts
©Radio Times

If this technology is actually introduced, there are also concerns that it might be used for political purposes.

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Should your investment in the concert ticket at least give you the right to take something to remember the night by? Especially in Asia, where artists don’t visit as often? Will the technology even catch on here? Or are we all getting a Samsung? Let’s discuss.





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