ASIA7 unveil magical fantasy MV for ‘Lullaby’

‘Lullaby’, a bright and uplifting folk-rock tune that heals the soul, is the Thai folk rock band’s debut single under GeneLab Records.

Thai pop band ASIA7 are back with a magical new tune and music video, heralding a new journey for the group.

‘Lullaby (กล่อม)‘ marks their first single under GeneLab Records, and can be best described as folk-rock tune that masterfully combines the sounds of traditional Thai folk instruments, which include saw-duang (a Thai fiddle), pin (an Isan lute), and khaen (an Isan bamboo mouth organ), and modern instruments.

Topping the folk-rock tune are the sweet vocals of singer Amornphat ‘Aoy’ Sermsap.

The song’s music video puts the eight-member group in a fantasy-like setting, perhaps one that you would find in a Disney movie.

For this song, ASIA7 explores the concept of a ‘lullaby’. Although the term usually defines it as a mother crooning to her baby, the band wanted to use the term to mean the natural and subconscious sounds which heal us in times of stress.

On a spiritual level, it’s a song that warms the heart, and reminds us to push onwards no matter what.

This new single follows songs ‘Kwan-Jao-Eoi (ขวัญเจ้าเอย)’, ‘Oh Dear (โอเด)’ and ‘Moon’.

Initially formed in 2013 by Thai musician TONTRAKUL and his close friends from university, ASIA7 made their big debut in 2016 at the Thailand International Jazz Conference.

The eight-member group fuses Thai traditional music with folk, pop and fusion jazz music. Wanting to shake the Thai music industry of what local bands could do, their music performances have grown from performing at restaurants and bars to abroad.

Countries they have performed abroad include Norway, South Korea, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Laos.

Last year, they were no longer an independent band as they have signed to major Thai music company GMM Grammy under GeneLab Records.





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