Autumn Atlantic

Autumn Atlantic returns with five-track EP ‘Reflections’

The Singapore pop punk band announced their return with the release of their new five-track EP, Reflections, on Monday, May 25.

After spending the last two or so years recording in their studio, Singapore pop punk band Autumn Atlantic have released their new EP titled ‘Reflections’. The five-track EP, named after the band’s self-reflection of their sound and identity, takes listeners back to the glory days of the pop punk renaissance of the early 2000’s.

Pop punk fans will feel right at home with the band’s sound, which is characterized by fast punk rock tempos combined with catchy hooks and upbeat melodies. The band wears their influences on their sleeves, their music highly reminiscent of pop punk bands such as All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard.

Songs such as their lead single ‘Give Me A Summer’, released back in April, and opening track ‘Yesterday, Today, And Always (My Heart)’ offer a wave of fun energy and pop punk nostalgia with relatable lyrics of love and adolescence. Catchy guitar riffs takes precedence in ‘Great Ocean Road’ as well as in ‘Break Free’ coupled with melodic harmonies.

Consisting of members Jeff Alsufiean, Syamin Musa and Faizal Osman, the band hopes that they are able to showcase their sound through the EP.

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