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Backstreet Boys talks Vegas residency and new album

Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter confirms rumours of a Las Vegas residency at the Los Angeles premiere of his SyFy film Dead7 Friday.

Though it’s been two decades since their first album, the 36-year-old soon-to-be-father said the band just signed a nine-show deal with promoter Live Nation to test the waters for a long-term residency.

“If it does really well, then I think that’ll open that door and then in future we’ll do it,” said Carter on an interview with ET.

According to Carter, fans can expect “a very big and spectacular show” of all of Backstreet Boys’s hits with all of the band’s members. The venue have yet to be confirmed.

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Band member Kevin Richardson also expressed his excitement over the news. The now 44-year-old singer said the band saw Britney Spears at her Sin City show, discussing how the residency was working out.

“It seemed really convenient for the family!” Richardson said. “A Vegas residency, now that we’re all fathers, could be very convenient for us… We won’t have to travel so much.”

It gets better. “We’re definitely in the studio recording a brand new album,” Richardson added. The band is set to debut some new music and a world tour to complete before commencing the residency.

With rumours surrounding the Spice Girls joining the boys on tour, Carter said the band has already put out an invitation, and it’s up to the girls to see if they “want, what they really, really want.”





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