The Filipino folk-pop outfit have dropped a soaring new single called ‘Inevitable’ via Sony Music.

Inspired by recent events surrounding the band’s lives, ‘Inevitable’ encourages listeners to live in the moment without succumbing to expectations.

Written by lead vocalist Paolo Benjamin during an afternoon on a beach near where the band lives, ‘Inevitable’ whisks viewers to a place of love where it is seen as beautiful in its simple terms.

Paolo reflects,

“’Inevitable’ is a song that tries to describe the nature of fate, and how all our actions somehow lead us to some better place that is destined for us. It’s also a song about being real with someone, and that no matter how scary that may seem at times, there is freedom in bearing your truest nature with someone dear to you, even if that someone is yourself.” 

The track embodies the nine-member band’s newfound musical direction – the world music and acid jazz – with its sitar riffs and jazzy chords, venturing beyond the confines of their radio-friendly sound without alienating the pop sensibilities that made their songs hits in the the Philippines.

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Vocalist Miguel Benjamin says,

“The songwriting in itself presents a concept of the state that is both a surreal mystery and a peaceful certainty, so we wanted to create an aural representation of what these lyrics felt like. Our process started with a mix of acoustic guitars, which I tweaked with sitar effects as the main intro riff; kind of like a representation of the two contrasting feelings working together. We then built everything around this contrasting union with Jam’s drums and Agnes’ bass carrying the steady base of the song, and then Pat’s piano, Poch’s electric guitar and pads, Keifer’s violin, Andrew and Toni’s percussions; Andrew, Miguel, Poch, and Toni’s backing vocals, and some ambient sounds.”

‘Inevitable’ shifts into a more production perspective rather than the group’s usual approach to composing songs from jam sessions.

Guitarist Poch Barretto says,

“With this song however, we decided to record a demo individually then went to record our parts a few days after without knowing how the song would sound like in the end. During the time we were creating the song, one of our bandmates, Toni, was also recovering from a major surgery and had to record her parts from home. Thankfully she was able to send her parts on time with the help of our producer.”

The song has gained attention before its actual release as it was featured in a commercial ad for Smart Communications featuring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin of the highly acclaimed K-drama Crash Landing on You.

Listen to Ben&Ben on Spotify below.