Madison Beer interview

Madison Beer speaks her mind on becoming an artist, what the fame does to her life and the stories behind her works

Madison Beer is a 19-year-old girl whose name always catches media attention ranging from everything related to her personal life to everything she does in the entertainment industry. Here, we don’t talk about her dates but Beer and her music.

The name of this American young talent Madison Beer has been in the spotlight for quite awhile now. You probably have heard about her from the entertainment channels like E!, TMZ and the like about her life. But here, at AsiaLive365, we are not going to ask who’s she dating and such. Because we want to hear Beer about her life after her breakthrough in the music industry in 2012 as Bieber tweeted her singing video. Also, we want to hear about Beer’s debut EP As She Pleases.

Madison Beer Interview

Firstly, we want to know that after being worldwide recognised by Bieber’s tweet in 2012, what and how have things in your life been? (See the video here)

Well, my life changed dramatically from his recognition, I mean he’s the Biebs! It was an amazing gift, the one that I’ll forever be thankful for. It just gave me the push I needed to get my career off the ground.

My whole life changed. I left school and was homeschooled after that. I picked up with my Mom and moves to CA from NY. I left all my home-town friends and pretty much everything I knew at the age of 13. It’s been a long time already. It’s going to be 7 years this February.

How are you doing so far after the release of your debut EP As She Pleases?

I’m doing amazing. Thank you. I spend lots of my time in the studio, working on my next body or work. Recently I’ve released my new single “HURTS LIKE HELL”, which seems to be doing really well so far.

Madison Beer Interview

Could you tell us more about the story or the inspiration(s) behind the EP? (Listen to As She Pleases here.)

It’s a mixture of things. Each song has its own meaning. I guess the overall vibe is self-worth and not standing for any bullsh*t.

We heard that for As She Please, you got to work with worldly-famous and professional artists and producers, how was it?

Working with other artists in my industry is always such a blessing I get to learn so much from their writing techniques & song styles. Obviously, each producer I work with bring something else to the table but I tend to stick with a certain crew once were jiving!

For “Hurts Like Hell”, it sounds like a song with resentment of a betrayed girl with a cheating boyfriend. Full of emotions and I believe that lots of women will easily feel related. How did you come up with the song/lyrics? (Listen to the song here).

The song was co-written between another woman and me who had so much in common. So we just started discussing our own “war love stories”. Lol. And just took it from there.

And what do you think “the girlfriend” should do next?

The “girlfriend” should always move on if she’s not being respected.

Could you share with us the top five artists on your playlist at the moment?

I have such a wide diversity of things that I listen to:

  • Tame Impala
  • Ariana Grande
  • Bülow
  • Stromae
  • Lana Del Ray

(Watch Bülow played “You & Jennifer” for Vevo DSCVR here)

R&B music seems to be a big part of your life. What has drawn you into it in the first place? How did it all begin?

Growing up as a young child, my parents always had music playing in the house. I’ve just always been drawn to the soulfulness or R&B and the mid-tempo. It literally makes me feel alive. I’ve been drawn to it since I’m a little girl…

You are also known as an actress as well. What do you enjoy most; singing or acting?

Singing is my first passion. I love acting and modeling too but I want music to be the driver and everything else to follow that.

Any plan on an international tour? Will fans in Asia get to see you perform soon?

I hope so!! I was in Korea and Japan recently. It was so AMAZING! Japan was for pleasure but Korea was for work. Got to perform in front of an arena of roughly 20,000 people! It was unreal.

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Any advice for the young and talented female artists and artists in the making who are trying to pursue their dreams and overcome all the negative or unrelatable comments?

I think my main piece of advice would be to stay true to who you are as an artist. Don’t ever conform your style to please other people. Do what’s in your heart and soul and feels right and DONT GIVE UP!

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