New Music Fridays Week 3 [January 19]

Music That Melts Your Heart and Bang Your Head To


Forget boring music! Asia Live 365 has new music – Asian and International hits for you. We found the best songs and most recent music – both popular and secret treasures – ready to surprise your ears. Dive into Asia’s exciting music scene and discover your next favorite song. Turn it up and be amazed!


Within Asia


IVE feat. Saweetie – All Night


Get ready to paint the town neon with IVE and Saweetie’s “All Night,” a global firecracker of a track! These K-pop queens and the rap royalty join forces, spitting sizzling verses over an infectious beat that’ll have you bopping till sunrise. This anthem about unstoppable nights and fierce passion will ignite your inner glow – crank it up and let the good times roll!





Brace yourself for a sonic earthquake! NMIXX throws down the gauntlet with “DASH,” an explosive cocktail of hard-hitting bass-laden beats and electrifying vocals. Their signature mix of “mixx-up” genres ignites with furious rap verses, soaring melodies, and experimental sound effects. This song is a genre-bending adrenaline rush that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more. Get ready to DASH into a new sonic dimension!





Eleven years later, SISTAR19 is back, and they haven’t forgotten how to turn up the heat! “NO MORE (MA BOY)” is a smoldering throwback to their 2010 debut, “Ma Boy,” infused with a decade’s worth of sass and maturity. Hyolyn and Bora’s voices sizzle over funky beats, spitting lyrics about heartache and revenge. Not even a reunion; it’s a reminder that these queens still reign supreme. So grab your sequined outfits, crank up the volume, and witness the triumphant return of SISTAR19.



Adie – Closer You & I


Get ready for the velvety vocals of Adie with “Closer You & I,” a soulful acoustic serenade that wraps you in its warm embrace. Originally sung by balladeer Gino Padilla back in the 90’s, this remake evokes the tender ache of wanting, of chasing that intimate connection. Adie’s voice melts like honey over the gentle guitar strums, drawing you into whispers and yearning hearts. Close your eyes, let the melody wash over you, and feel the thrill of getting closer, one step at a time.





A high-octane anthem that’ll lift your spirit and set your feet on fire, “FLYYY” soars with Davao hip-hop quintet PLAYERTWO with SB19’s Felip on the forefront. This banger fuses hip-hop swagger with R&B slow jams, creating a sonic cocktail that’s impossible to resist. PLAYERTWO’s sharp rhymes blend seamlessly with Felip’s smooth vocals, boasting about being “on the roof”. Crank it up, let the beat thump through your chest, and feel the electric thrill of defying gravity, both literally and figuratively. This is an invitation to reach for the clouds and ignite your own inner superstar.



Paolo Santos – Lumayas Ka (Get Lost)


This borderline melancholic acoustic tune is brought to you by one of the Philippines well-known artists Paolo Santos, who has serenaded all homes with CD players back in the early 00’s. This time, he’s letting listeners get into the relatability factor of being left alone by a partner for somebody else, all the while sprinkling in bits of comedy (wishing the subject death, pronto, if not soon). You’ll no doubt be in tears with this song, but not from sadness.



Apekz, Sica – Blue Dreams


A chill jam in which the sound hearkens back to the best of 90’s rap game, Blue Dreams brings together Filipino rap sensations Apekz (of FlipTop fame) and Sica with the production magic of Mikerapphone. The song’s infectious funk and braggadocious lyrics paint a vivid soundscape of ambitions reached and being on top of the world.



Boon Hui Lu – Wait With Me


Lu’s voice, both delicate and strong, carries the weight of longing and hope. The lyrics speak of waiting for someone until they cannot wait any longer. The song’s melancholic melody perfectly mirrors the yearning in her voice, creating a tapestry of bittersweet emotions. The song’s universal themes resonate with anyone who has ever loved and lost, or who has ever felt unseen and misunderstood.



Sarah Suhairi, Alfie Zumi – SAH


Malaysian pop star Sarah Suhairi teams up with Alfie Zumi to bring you listeners an unforgettable feel-good hit of January called SAH (Setia Akhir Hayat or Faithful Until The End). The lyrics talk about marriage plans and the promise of loyalty to each other while laced with a consistent modern sounding production that bops!



Shakira Jasmine, Arash Buana – I Don’t Wanna Go Back Home


Beneath the fairy lights strung across the gym, their eyes met – not with the nervous shyness of awkward seniors, but with the dawning realization of something undeniable. This duet between Shakira Jasmine and Arash Buana, two Indonesian singer-songwriters tell the tale of a budding romance brewing. An acoustic melody woven from teenage dreams finally taking flight, two voices soaring in harmony as they confess, “Baby all the stars above they see potential in us. See I never thought you’d be the one. I saw from the bus but my eyes kept lookin at you.”





International Hits


Nicki Minaj feat. Future – Press Play


Nicki Minaj and Future join forces on “Press Play,” a high-octane banger that is sure to set the club on fire. The song features Minaj’s signature braggadocio and razor-sharp rhymes, while Future lays down smooth vocals on the chorus that perfectly complement her flow. The ATL Jacob-produced beat is a minimalist masterpiece, with a trap hi-hat and a booming bassline that provides the perfect foundation for Minaj and Future’s lyrical fireworks.



Green Day – Bobby Sox


With its infectious melody, driving guitars, and Billie Joe Armstrong’s new signature snarl post-American Idiot, “Bobby Sox” is a Green Day anthem that veers more into Weezer songwriting alternative-rock style, complete with the “ooo ooo’s” courtesy of bassist Mike Dirnt. The lyrics explore themes of love and friendship regardless of gender (“Do you want to be my girlfirend/boyfriend/best friend?”) and the song is sure to resonate with fans, not just of Green Day, but of all preferences.



Bleachers – Tiny Moves


Bleachers’ newest single, “Tiny Moves,” is a shimmering synth-pop gem that’s sure to get your feet moving and your heart soaring. Released in January 2024 as the lead single from their upcoming album, “Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night,” the song is a nostalgic ode to the youthful joy of dancing the night away with abandon. The lyrics, which paint a vivid picture of a summer night spent under the city lights, capture the innocent and carefree feeling of letting loose.



David Kushner – Skin and Bones


“Skin and Bones” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that has been mesmerizing listeners since its release. The song features Kushner’s raw and emotive vocals, accompanied by a stripped-down piano and hand claps that ascend into full blown proportion at the chorus. Kushner’s voice carries a deep vulnerability that resonates with listeners, making the song feel both intimate and universal. This song is a must-listen for fans of singer-songwriters like Damien Rice and Ben Howard.


Joey Bada$$ feat. KayCyy – Passports & Suitcases


Joey Bada$$ trades in his signature Brooklyn grit for chill-out vibes in his latest single, “Passports & Suitcases.” The track is a smooth and soulful ode to wanderlust and romantic escape. Featuring the velvety vocals of Kenyan singer KayCyy, the song paints a picture of a passionate fling that transcends borders. Bada$$ raps about whisking his lover away on a spontaneous adventure, leaving behind their worries and indulging in the thrill of the unknown.



Benson Boone – Beautiful Things


Benson Boone’s latest single, “Beautiful Things,” isn’t your typical love song. This poignant ballad explores the complex emotions that come with loving someone deeply, the constant fear of losing them, and the profound gratitude for having them in your life. Boone’s voice, both raw and emotive, carries the weight of these complex feelings throughout the song. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love that is both beautiful and fragile, something to be cherished and protected at all costs.



Mumford and Sons feat. Pharell Williams – Good People


The song opens with Marcus Mumford’s warm vocals, painting a picture of a world weary from struggles and yearning for something more. But as Pharell’s unmistakable voice enters, a wave of optimism washes over the listener (“Welcome to the revelation”). The upbeat tempo and handclaps create an uplifting atmosphere, while the lyrics offer a simple yet powerful message: amidst the darkness, good people still shine.



Cage The Elephant – Neon PIll


Cage The Elephant’s electrifying return, “Neon Pill,” is a sonic cocktail of canned energy, introspective lyrics, and pulsating guitars, served with a generous twist of existential angst. Matt Schultz’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with, soaring and snarling over the song’s driving rhythm. The lyrics, laced with metaphors and cryptic imagery, explore themes of remembering a girl and the promise of “seeing them around.” “It takes one to know back at it again / Birds of a feather until the end” Schultz sings.



Khruangbin – A Love International


Hailing from Texas, the trio (Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson Jr. on drums) weaves a tapestry of sound that is both intricate and infectious. Their new album’s title track, “A Love International,” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the record. With its driving funk bassline, shimmering guitars, and soft background vocals all throughout, the song is a celebration of love and unity, a reminder that music has the power to connect people from all over the world.



Kygo feat. Ava Max – Whatever


Kygo’s signature tropical house production is paired perfectly with Ava Max’s powerful vocals, creating a song that’s both catchy and anthemic. The chorus has a clear resemblance to Shakira’s 2001 hit “Whenever, Wherever.” In fact, it’s not just a resemblance, the song samples the melody of Shakira’s iconic chorus. This intentional interpolation adds a nostalgic layer to “Whatever,” while Ava Max puts her own spin on the lyrics, flipping the script from longing to empowerment.



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