Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON has dropped his acoustic EP prologue; eulogia with focus track ‘Change of Heart’ featuring Dru Chen.

The singer-songwriter who blends earnest melodies and evocative lyrics and has built an enduring collection of heartfelt songs over the years is back with a new EP.

Transiting from a drummer to a singer- songwriter in late 2011 and inspired by artists such as Ásgeir, Rachael Yamagata, Tom Hardy and Chris Martin, DEON has since released 3 albums, Antiphobic (2014), Oceans (2015) and eulogia; eulogy (2019). He has also released a 9-track EP, Oceans Remix (2016), based on remixes of his tracks by 9 different producers. Last month, the singer also released the acoustic version of ‘Fix’ as a collaborative piece with Netflix’s Terrace House star Shohey Uemura.

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Citing anxiety, loneliness and idleness as his biggest motivators for crafting tunes, the songwriter hopes to provide headspace and empathy for listeners.

“I’ve never been good with words when it matters – I just don’t package prose well under stress. But within the confines of music, I’m able to nestle my emotions and relate to others. I’ve got this window to send messages out to the world and feel a little less isolated”.

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This August, prologue; eulogia brings DEON back to basics affording listeners unadulterated versions of recent melodies from his last album eulogia; eulogy.

Focus track ‘Change of Heart’ sees DEON working on his third collaboration with Dru Chen.

The EP also packs other collaborations with Mindy Kon and Netflix’s Terrace House star Shohey Uemura, as well as two bonus live tracks.

prologue; eulogia shines a spotlight on four songs from DEON’s third full-length album, eulogia; eulogy. This acoustic EP strips these songs down to their barebones and gives listeners the opportunity to immerse in lyrics and melodies from the songwriter’s point of view and exposes layers of vulnerability both in performance and persona from the artist.

Says DEON,

“I wanted listeners to experience the songs as they were written. Although it might be tough to pull back the layers and expose the core of my songwriting, I feel it brings me closer to audiences and provides a more intimate experience”.

Focus track ‘Change of Heart’ talks about how indecisiveness between two people, combined with introspective one-sided thoughts, can potentially be toxic – leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy of failed relationships. Over subdued guitars, the two voices recount the narrative, warning listeners about the dangers of wavering uncertainties.

Says Dru Chen,

“This is very personal music, at a time of huge personal growth. DEON is an artist who clearly feels things on another level. It’s an honour and a thrill to be a part of DEON’s journey—to witness his creative process; to breathe his life stories through his music”.

Explains DEON,

“I always start with a song idea, a message I would like to say that people can relate to. Wrapped around a simple melody, the catalyst for this song was my want for listeners to tap into their insecurities and face up to their demons.”

“This is my third time collaborating with Dru. We are very used to each others’ idiosyncrasies and clicked instantly on this track”,

DEON also took the chance to emphasise the importance of pushing through with creative output and producing songs despite COVID-19 restrictions in Singapore.

“On a personal level, making this EP helped me emote and break free from anxieties derived from being cooped up. I also wanted to inject some positivity into people’s daily routines by bringing something unexpected to their palates, and most importantly, to relate and feel connected.”

All tracks for the upcoming EP were recorded (before Feb 2020) and produced alongside DEON’s long-time musical companion Mindy Kon, in a room no bigger than 4-square-meters over a span of 6 months. Mastered by Tom Ignatius (Norway), DEON first announced this endeavour in Jan 2020, at a live performance at Singapore’s premier arts landmark, the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Says DEON of the release today,

“There’s of course a sense of excitement, that we finally have the chance to share the tunes in another perspective with you; and then there are undertones of relief as well. When the pandemic hit the world, we weren’t sure of how we might complete the project, and we could not assess the enthusiasm of our collaborators as well – but music always finds a way. And this EP will earmark our creative output for the year – although we are still writing and recording new tunes. 😊”

Listen to the new album below and let us know what you think.

Cover photo by: Matthew Wong