2020 Alt Genre Poll

January 2024 Poll: 2020 Alt Genres

Which Alt-Genre of the 2020s Captures Your Ears?


The 2020s music have seen a vibrant explosion of the alternative music genre, defying easy categorization and embracing a multitude of influences. But with so many unique sounds, which subgenre resonates most with YOU?


Dreamy Soundscapes:


Lost in lush soundscapes and ethereal vocals? This subgenre blends elements of shoegaze, ambient, and pop, weaving soundscapes for introspective exploration. Think Clairo, Beach House, and Cigarettes After Sex.


Gritty and Raw:


Do you crave the energy of distorted guitars and unapologetic lyrics? Look no further than this subgenre, where punk energy collides with experimental noise and post-rock influences. Bands like Black Midi, Idles, and Fontaines D.C. lead the charge.


Genre-Hopping Fusions:


Can’t get enough of electronic experimentation and off-kilter grooves? This subgenre pushes boundaries, incorporating elements of hip-hop, pop, and avant-garde electronica. Artists like Grimes, Arca, and SOPHIE redefined the sonic landscape.


Introspective Singer-Songwriters:


Seeking heartfelt lyricism and intimate acoustic melodies? This subgenre offers raw emotions and poetic storytelling, often accompanied by piano, guitar, and delicate arrangements. Phoebe Bridgers, Sufjan Stevens, and Adrianne Lenker weave introspective narratives.


Beyond the Categories:


Remember, these are just starting points! The beauty of alternative music lies in its diversity. Share your own favorite artists and subgenres in the comments below!

Now, cast your vote!


Which subgenre of alternative music in the 2020s resonates most with you?


  • Dreamy Soundscapes
  • Gritty and Raw
  • Genre-Bending Fusions
  • Introspective Singer-Songwriters
  • Other (Share in the comments!)


Take a sonic journey with us here at Asia Live 365 and discover your perfect 2020’s Alt Genre match. Let the votes (and discussions) begin! 





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