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Tired of the same old tunes? Asia Live 365 brings you a new music adventure across Asia!  Explore chart-topping hits and recent music gems we handpicked just for you.  It’s a journey of discovery for your ears.  Ready to expand your musical horizons? Dive in and find your new obsession!


Within Asia


Juan Karlos (featuring Kyle Echarri) – Kasing Kasing (Heart)


Another song about heartbreak, solo artists Juan Karlos and Kyle Echarri sings this entirely in the Visayan language (one of many in the Philippines). The tone recalls Daniel Caesar’s ballad style and R&B undertones. One very distinct song indeed as both artists interpolate their pain and anguish with beautiful melodies.



Janine – Hulaan


Janine Tenoso, better known now by her first name, is a singer-songwriter who just released this very relatable song about always being the available company to the wrong person, who already happens to be in a relationship. Yikes! The song oozes Pinoy contemporary pop sensibilities and the genius of storytelling that translates well to music.



Ayumu Imazu – Obsessed


His latest single, “Obsessed,” showcases his artistic growth. The song explores being infatuated with a beauty who suddenly shows up in your life, and the effects of having that muse in your head. With a melody that recalls the poppiest of Jason Mraz’s repertoire, “Obsessed” is a testament to Imazu’s star power and his potential to become a global phenomenon.



Iri – hug


Bathed in the gentle glow of acoustic guitar and subtle electronic flourishes, hug unfolds like a heartfelt conversation with a loved one. Iri’s signature vocals – soft, vulnerable yet tinged with strength – take center stage. She sings of longing, of missing someone’s presence, and the simple human desire for connection. The lyrics, penned by Iri herself, are introspective and relatable, painting vivid pictures of everyday moments: the changing of the seasons, the places she remembers and the melting of the snow.



Ryokuosoku Shakai – Party!!


Ryokuousoku Shakai, known for their nostalgic throwback sound, blends pop, rock, and electronic elements like a culinary master crafting the perfect dish. As the ending theme for the anime series Delicious in Dungeon, “Party!!” starts with a pulsating synth and builds its energy with driving guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Lead vocalist Misaki’s powerful vocals soar through the track, inviting you to let loose and celebrate life’s simple pleasures.


GANGGA and Valentina Ploy – Sweet Hurting


This poignant duet by Indonesian singer-songwriter GANGGA and Thai-Italian artist Valentina Ploy paints a melancholic yet strangely comforting picture of loss. The song opens with a gentle acoustic guitar riff, setting the stage for a heartfelt and intimate atmosphere. GANGGA’s emotive vocals weave seamlessly with Valentina Ploy’s ethereal tones, creating a beautiful tapestry of shared sorrow. The lyrics explore the bittersweet emotions of remembering someone who is no longer around. They navigate through the pain of loss, acknowledging the void left behind, but finding solace in the cherished memories and the sweetness of a once-shared love.



PUN – Goodbye


Indonesian musician PUN dives into the depths of farewell with his latest single, Goodbye. This song delves into the heart of a love that is no longer there and telling your loved one not to pursue this love anymore. The lyrics laden on top of a hopeful piano melody screams moving on  and is sure to resonate with listeners on a personal level. PUN’s vocals, known for his raw honesty and vulnerability, will likely carry the weight of these poignant themes.



(G)I-DLE – Wife


And here we go! (G)I-DLE is back and coming on strong with a controversial song that satirizes the dynamic between a married man and his housewife – expecting the woman to be servile and demure to the needs of the man… you know where this is going. With highly suggestive lyrics in tow and sung in the viewpoint of the female in question, the girl group pokes fun while making it catchy.





The fun Japanese foursome known as ATARASHII GAKKO has a new single out called Toryanse (or “you may enter”) which is based off of a children’s game, similar to the mechanics of London Bridge – where an arch of arms is formed by two people and the participants pass until then end of the song and the arms go down, capturing the hapless player. And now, apparently, they are part of the 88rising collective (JOJI, Rich Brian, Nika and more)! All the more reason to check them out.



Kiingkess – baltimore


This lo-fi dance hyper-pop track feels too short and leaves you wanting more. The lyrical themes from KL phenom kiingkess are about someone who can’t seem to move on from a lover who she sees is a liar. 





International Hits


Justin Timberlake – Selfish


Justin Timberlake gets caught in a jealous tangle on “Selfish,” a pulsating track laced with electronic beats, a catchy melody and introspective lyrics. He confesses his possessiveness over a captivating lover, battling internal struggles between wanting to cherish them and keep them all to himself. The song unfolds with catchy melodies and Timberlake’s smooth vocals, delivering a bittersweet mix of desire and insecurity. Whether you interpret it as a playful confession or a deeper exploration of emotional vulnerability, “Selfish” offers a relatable glimpse into the complexities of love and possessiveness.



Ice Spice – Think U The Sh*t (Fart)


Rising rap phenomenon Ice Spice continues her meteoric rise with a new, infectious track. Known for her confident lyricism and playful attitude, her latest offering delivers her signature sound, blending catchy melodies with braggadocious verses. The song is sure to resonate with fans of her bold style and those seeking a dose of energetic hip-hop.



Justice and Tame Impala – One Night/All Night


Electroclash giants Justice team up with psychedelic rock kingpins Tame Impala for a cosmic dancefloor explosion in “One Night/All Night.” The track pulsates with Justice’s signature robotic grooves, layered with Kevin Parker’s soaring vocals and funky guitars. The track takes listeners on a euphoric journey through shimmering synths and hypnotic rhythms. This collaboration is a dream come true for fans of both acts, offering a unique blend of electronica and psych-rock that’s guaranteed to ignite dancefloors and minds alike.



Tiesto, Rudimental & Absolutely – Waterslides


Dive into a summery soundscape with “Waterslides,” a vibrant collaboration between dance music giants Tiësto and Rudimental, featuring the soaring vocals of Absolutely. The track blends Tiësto’s signature progressive house energy with Rudimental’s drum & bass-infused production, creating a euphoric and uplifting atmosphere. Absolutely’s captivating vocals add a touch of soulful beauty, making “Waterslides” a perfect anthem for poolside vibes, festival stages, and summer memories.



James Arthur – Free Falling


James Arthur delivers another emotional powerhouse with “Falling.” This nostalgic ballad recalls his earlier work but showcases his artistic growth with contemporary production and mature storytelling. Prepare to be swept away by his passionate vocals and relatable lyrics.



Gary Clark Jr. – Maktub


Gary Clark Jr. gets introspective on “Maktub,” blending bluesy swagger with soulful contemplation. The track, featuring a slow-burning groove and his instantly recognizable vocals, explores themes of acceptance, fate, and the journey of life. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to his sound, “Maktub” is an invitation to reflect and get moving in the present moment.



Jason Derulo & Michael Buble – Spicy Margarita


Fire and ice collide in “Spicy Margarita,” a sizzling collaboration between pop dynamo Jason Derulo and smooth crooner Michael Bublé. The track blends Derulo’s infectious energy with Bublé’s timeless charm, creating a cocktail of dancefloor heat and sophisticated swagger. This unexpected duo delivers a catchy melody, playful lyrics about a captivating encounter, and a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly unique. Get ready to shake your hips and raise a glass to this summer anthem!



Future Islands – The Thief


A foreign life, a stolen moment, and a yearning for connection. Future Islands’ “The Thief” weaves a mysterious narrative through atmospheric soundscapes and Sam Herring’s captivating vocals. The lyrics delve into themes of longing and vulnerability, resonating with anyone who’s ever felt like they’re searching for something more.



Alkaline Trio – Break


Alkaline Trio unleashes their inner time machine with “Break,” a raw and introspective punk rock anthem. The song delves into the painful experience of reliving past trauma, conveyed through Matt Skiba’s hushed vocals and Dan Andriano’s driving basslines. This introspective exploration contrasts with the band’s usual energetic and playful style, offering a glimpse into their emotional depths. The accompanying music video further emphasizes the song’s dark themes, creating a powerful and thought-provoking experience for fans.



Megan Thee Stallion – HISS


Megan Thee Stallion returns with a vengeance in her new single, “HISS.” The track, described as a “warning shot” and a “declaration of self-confidence,” explodes with fiery energy and unfiltered lyricism. Megan shuts down haters and naysayers, asserting her dominance and refusing to let negativity hold her back.



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