New Music Fridays Week 6

New Music Fridays Week 6 [February 9]

Music That Melts Your Heart and Bang Your Head To


Bored of the same old tunes? Craving new music and recent hits? Asia Live 365 serves up a smorgasbord of fresh sounds from across Asia! We’ve unearthed chart-topping bangers and hidden gems, all handpicked for your aural pleasure.


Within Asia


TWICE – I Got You


TWICE is back with a heartwarming promise in “I Got You,” their 13th mini-album title track. The upbeat song blends bright pop melodies with heartfelt lyrics about friendship and unwavering support. Their smooth vocals and catchy chorus guarantee it’ll get stuck in your head in the best way possible. Whether you’re a longtime ONCE or just discovering their charm, “I Got You” is a feel-good anthem that reminds you true friends always have your back.





Tokyo explodes with heat in BAD HOP’s latest banger, “IKEGAMI BOYZ.” The track features the fiery verses of Bark, YZERR, Tiji Jojo, and T-Pablow, spitting rhymes over a thumping trap beat that ignites the mosh pit. This anthem of brotherhood and streetwise swagger showcases BAD HOP’s signature energy and lyrical skill, solidifying their reign as kings of the Japanese rap scene. Turn it up and feel the heat!



AK-69 – Got It All


With a beat that recalls Lil’ Jon’s trap crunk and a cool delivery from two of Japan’s rising rappers AK-69 and Yellow Bucks with help from DJ RYOW and SPACE DUST CLUB on production duties, this banger of a track is smooth as a glass of scotch on the rocks on a club on Friday night.





Japanese pop-rock gets a fierce upgrade with ATARASHII GAKKO!’s “HELLO,” a song that demands attention with its catchy melodies and rebellious spirit. This high-energy track bursts with infectious melodies, fierce vocals, and a dose of rebellious spirit. The song is a call to action, urging listeners to embrace their individuality and shout their presence to the world.



Denise Julia – don’t matter


Denise Julia delivers a bittersweet R&B slow jam with “Don’t Matter.” Smooth vocals and a laid-back groove create a chill atmosphere, while hints of rap add a touch of edge. The lyrics explore the aftermath of a lost love, navigating feelings of hurt and acceptance as the singer acknowledges they’ve been replaced and whatever happens next, it don’t matter no more.



Cup Of Joe – Lahat Ng Bukas


Soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics carry a message of resilience and looking forward. Whether facing personal struggles or navigating life’s uncertainties, “Lahat Ng Bukas” offers a comforting nudge to embrace hope and keep chasing dreams. Fans of Cup Of Joe’s signature OPM sound will find much to love in this catchy tune. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a pick-me-up or a reminder to face the future with a positive spirit.



Faspitch – This Love


Filipino rock outfit Faspitch takes a sharp left turn to the skies with their latest single, “This Love,” a powerful ballad radiating hope and second chances. Released in February 2024, the song soars with soulful vocals and driving guitar riffs, painting a picture of love rekindled and promises renewed. The nostalgic lyrics speak of picking up the pieces, rekindling lost love, and finding strength in each other. Lines like “Tell me what you want me to be, I’ve got a reason, I’ve got the reason right in front of me” hint at personal growth and a willingness to fight for a lasting connection.



Jeff Satur – Almost Over You 


Thai singer-songwriter Jeff Satur has released his album Space Shuttle No. 8, where this track lives, and now on listener’s heads as well. Almost Over You is a lovelorn tune about, you guessed right – a person getting over an ex-lover. This acoustic pop ballad ascends to a thumping chorus and to the hearts of Satur’s fans.



After Nourway – Numb


After Nourway bares their soul in “Numb,” a poignant piano ballad dripping with melancholic heartache. The song recounts the painful aftermath of a broken love, where memories haunt and empty words sting. “Six thousand hours, I gave my life to you,” sings the artist, highlighting the depth of their devotion and the crushing weight of its loss. Each verse paints a picture of emotional numbness, where promises feel meaningless and attempts to move on are riddled with pain.



Mea Shahira, Ezra Kunze – come ‘n find me


A romantic come-on song from Indonesian singer Mea Shahira and rapper Ezra Kunze, the duo deliver their flow over dancehall and reggaeton beats and make it sound refreshing as a cool pina colada on a hot weekend by the beach.





International Hits


Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well


Kacey Musgraves delves into a world of self-discovery and personal evolution in her upcoming album, “Deeper Well.” Co-produced and co-written by Musgraves herself, the album is said to reflect on the changes and priorities that unfolded in her life after the age of 27, influenced by the astrological concept of Saturn’s return.



USHER – Kissing Strangers


Usher is at it again with a banger. Think Let It Burn, but for 2024. The song is melancholic and introspective, conveying feelings of emotional turmoil, confusion, and the struggle to let go. Overall, “Kissing Strangers” paints a relatable picture of heartbreak and the complexities of navigating romantic relationships.



Sia & Kylie Minogue – Dance Alone


Get ready to shake off heartbreak and hit the dance floor with “Dance Alone,” the irresistible new collaboration between pop powerhouses Sia and Kylie Minogue! This infectious track blends Sia’s signature vocals with Kylie’s vibrant energy, creating a dance-pop anthem that celebrates self-love and resilience. The playful lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their independence and find joy even without a partner. Lines like “Won’t stop, can’t stop / No clock, another shot / Happy, so free / Look at me, finally” convey a message of empowerment and finding happiness within oneself.



D4vd – Leave Her


Alternative/Indie artist D4vd’s vocals are raw and vulnerable, mirroring the emotional turmoil within the lyrics. The hauntingly beautiful melody draws listeners in, creating a space for reflection and understanding. While “Leave Her” may resonate with those wrestling with heartbreak, it ultimately transcends a simple break-up narrative. It speaks to the universal theme of making difficult choices for personal growth, even when it means letting go of what feels familiar.



Split Chain – Fade


Split Chain unleash sonic fury with “Fade,” an angst-ridden anthem fueled by shoegaze distortion and raw emotion. The song explodes with pent-up frustration, painting a picture of feeling trapped and suffocated by external forces. The lyrics depict a struggle for freedom and escape. Lines like “I’m all away / My mind is drowned and I can see the decay” convey a sense of mental and emotional disconnection.



Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton – Purple Irises


Musical power couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton celebrate enduring love in the romantic duet, “Purple Irises.” Filled with warm melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song paints a picture of a love that weathers all storms. The key lyric “Don’t let ’em change your mind” speaks volumes about the song’s core message. It’s a declaration of unwavering devotion, assuring each other that no matter what challenges life throws their way, their connection remains true. Infused with country charm and pop sensibilities, “Purple Irises” offers a relatable message for anyone who has found their forever person. It’s a beautiful tribute to love’s resilience and a reassuring anthem for any couple facing doubts or external pressures.



Kanye West/Ty Dolla Sign – Talking / Once Again


“Talking / Once Again,” the latest collaboration between Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, takes a heartwarming, yet introspective look at fatherhood. This two-part song features contrasting perspectives, blending celebration with anxieties and hopes for the future. “Talking” kicks off with the energetic rhymes of Kanye’s daughter, North West, declaring her confident presence and playful demand for “blessings.” “Once Again” shifts gears with Ty Dolla $ign expressing genuine concerns about his own daughter’s growth. He confronts the fears of watching her repeat his mistakes and grapples with the responsibility of guiding her through an often-challenging world. Despite the different approaches, both parts explore the complexities of fatherhood. West celebrates his daughter’s strength and individuality, while Ty Dolla $ign wrestles with anxieties and hopes for a positive influence.



Chelsea Wolfe – House Of Self-Undoing


Chelsea Wolfe dives into the dark underworld of self-destruction with “House Of Self-Undoing,” a post-punk anthem driven by energetic drums and haunting vocals. The song explores themes of self-discovery, loss, and yearning for redemption. Opening with the chilling declaration “In the house of self-undoing I saw your face,” Wolfe sets the stage for a journey through inner turmoil. Tangled relationships, self-doubt, and a sense of being “well-demoned” paint a picture of internal struggle. The song is a raw and honest portrayal of vulnerability, asking “Holy one, how long will you stay this time?” This search for a higher power or source of strength reflects a desire for guidance and forgiveness. Despite the despair, “House Of Self-Undoing” isn’t devoid of hope. Lines like “I start to crawl my way out” and “Yearning to be left unbound” hint at a determination to rise above the darkness.



Iron & Wine – You Never Know


Iron & Wine’s “You Never Know” is a mesmerizing exploration of life’s uncertainties, painted with Sam Beam’s signature hushed vocals and a tapestry of evocative imagery. The song delves into the human desire for control and answers, only to remind us that beauty and possibility often reside in the unknown. Each verse presents a hypothetical “you” with the power to manipulate perception and create realities. From turning gray to gold to commanding rain and wind, the lyrics showcase the yearning for influence and the comfort of certainty. But the bridge shifts the focus, asking the poignant question: “Don’t you wanna know how far you’re gonna go?” It contrasts the desire for control with the fleeting nature of life, evoking images of wind chimes responding to fickle currents and empty hands waiting to break.



Higher Power – Absolute Bloom


UK band Higher Power sheds their hardcore skin for a blooming new sound in “Absolute Bloom,” an infectious alt-rock anthem yearning for connection. This energetic track departs from their signature sound, offering a melodic exploration of personal growth and emotional vulnerability. Jimmy Wizard’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of longing and transformation. Lines like “Splinter my mind / Put it back together / Maybe this time I will get it right” showcase a raw vulnerability, while the repeated chorus, “Feel connected / Something that’s human / Me and you can grow into absolute bloom,” resonates with a desire for meaningful connection.



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