Bermuda Noise

Bermuda Noise Music Video: Brickcity Cuts Through the Noise 

Manila’s Noisemakers Coming Through

Manila’s post-hardcore outfit, Brickcity, returns with a poignant and frenetic music video for their single, “Bermuda Noise.”  This music video follows the thematic thread of their sophomore album, “We The Forgettables” (released a month ago). It is a glimpse into the overwhelming experience of navigating a bustling cityscape, and in turn, the self.

A Descent into Urban Chaos:

Brickcity stays true to its signature style by excluding themselves from the video frame. Instead, the focus is entirely on a lone woman traversing the crowded streets of Manila. We see her navigate bustling markets and iconic landmarks like Manila Ocean Park with what looks like a combination of serenity, wonder, and boredom from her visage. All that shatters as the woman inexplicably falls backward into a pool, a stark reminder that even fleeting escape eludes her. Interspersed throughout are scenes of the woman anxiously avoiding conversations with strangers, further emphasizing her yearning for isolation. The constant movement, the cacophony of sounds, the sheer weight of urban life – it all builds towards a sense of anxiety.

A Symbol of the Forgotten:

This solitary figure becomes a powerful symbol. She represents the countless individuals lost in the daily grind, looking for a moment of peace amidst the urban chaos. She even goes as far as spitting out a goldfish on a small aquarium and taking it home – a desperate attempt to find solace in something fragile and fleeting, just like the hope of escaping the city’s relentless attack. The imagery perfectly complements the raw energy and introspective lyrics of “Bermuda Noise,” a song where frontman Jacques Concepcion traverses between spoken word diatribe and pained screams, enunciating the distress that the anxiety of the outside world brings. The rest of the band – AJ Garde and Hans Racca on guitars, Julian Ordoño on bass, and Marko Silang on drums – paints a rhythmic canvas for Concepcion’s emotional outpouring. This sonic assault perfectly embodies the yearning to “kill the noise.”

More Than Just Post-Hardcore:

The “Bermuda Noise” video is a compelling visual experience transcending genre. While hardcore fans will undoubtedly appreciate the band’s signature sound, the video’s evocative imagery resonates with anyone who’s ever felt lost in the city’s noise.

Dive Deeper into Brickcity:

For those unfamiliar with Brickcity, this music video is a captivating introduction. Explore “We The Forgettables,” their recently released sophomore album, available on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. Don’t sleep on their debut album as well, “The Bones We Used To Share,” featuring guitar work by OG guitarist Mark Valenzuela (who was also credited playing all guitar parts in “Forgettables,” including Bermuda Noise), to experience the complete sonic evolution of Brickcity.  While Valenzuela isn’t part of the current live lineup, his contribution to the band’s sound is undeniable.

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