“Older but nothing’s any different. Right now feels the same, I wonder why.”

Blink 182 and their career trajectory has been nothing but momentous at every step. They have fame and infamy at the same time. These pop-punk heroes are making a comeback since they last shared the stage back in 2015. At least it’s the best lineup that we know of and love. Diehard fans screamed with joy upon the announcement of a new album titled One More Time…to be released this month. We will be reviewing their recent singles to date as we anticipate their mighty return to shelves and digital platforms.

The title track One More Time is not what you would expect and kind of expect at the same time with all three guys. Compared to Edging, which is an upbeat anthem, this is more a reflective letter of apology amongst themselves after years of dysfunction and personal struggles – Mark Hoppus’ bout with cancer and Travis Barker’s near-death experience to be specific. The boys are now older men, nay wiser and better friends and brothers to each other. This song brings a universal message that it may not be too late to salvage a friendship while we’re living and breathing, until it is too late.

More Than You Know is a callback to the old Blink 182 pop-punk sound, albeit a matured and serious version similar to songs from their untitled album. These songs show a level of vulnerability which signify true growth beyond face value and can’t wait for the full album, which we will also review as soon as it is out. We can only hope for the best and pray their return is permanent. Who wouldn’t want to pay top dollar to see them play together as old geezers? We know we would.



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