Caroline & Claude debut with playful tune ‘Stir the Pot’

Sibling duo Caroline & Claude make their debut with a catchy song and self-directed music video titled ‘Stir The Pot’.

Sydney-born, Adelaide-bred Caroline & Claude’s debut single ‘Stir The Pot’ serves as a witty and playful introduction to their quirky sense of humor.

The brother-sister pop duo have shared their their homemade music video created during quarantine.

They comment,

“We shot this video during lockdown, which meant we had to film and create our own animations 😜
we wanted it to feel playful, and just wanted to creatively vomit on it ahah- that’s why we have so many things going on with gifs, our animations etc! it also then shows the messiness and chaotic behaviour of gossip and the premise of the song.” 

Caroline & Claude, real names Hannah and Dylan, started making music last year during the isolation caused by the pandemic. Born in a family with musical backgrounds, the extroverted Caroline and introverted Claude team up to craft zany pop tunes with witty Gen Z-style wit.

Their musical idiosyncrasies are sure to win a new wave of music fans.

Photo credit: Andrew Fawcett





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