Singaporean Hip-Hop Outfit HYBRD seeks spine-chilling revenge on hypocrites in all-new sinister music video for their Halloween single, ‘HATER!’.

Drawing influences from the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Jay Park and BIGBANG, HYBRD brings a unique perspective to what it means to be a Hip-Hop artiste in Singapore’s entertainment landscape. The duo’s revamped sound takes a darker twist into a mature direction – Delivering an electrifying experience that exudes confidence and a flair for living life unapologetically.

Members Draco Raj and Q are no strangers to the stage. They have brought their dynamic energy to countless island-wide school tours over the years. On top of emerging as 1st runner-up for House of Vans: Musicians Most Wanted 2017, they have performed on various stages and festivals, including Shine Festival 2017, Sundown Festival 2018, metalBEATZ by Anaki Records in 2018, Aliwal Urban Arts Fest 2019, Esplanade’s “All Things New” 2020, among others.

Their previous single ‘WILDIN’’ has had over 16k streams to date since its release just a few months ago.

Now back with a new hit, “HATER!” highlights the dark and twisted narrative of revisiting old wounds and addressing new pains – Lamenting on the idea that someone whom you thought had your back, turned out to be “snakes” who have been sticking around with malicious intent.

With producer BOEY (from Yeti Pack) back on the head-banging beat, this track carries a defiant and retaliatory “inner monster coming out to play” energy in an unconventional structure.

Describing the motivation behind the idea of this single, they said,

“We wrote this song fuelled by the hypocrisy people were showing us. The message of the song is something we feel anyone can relate to on a variety of levels: From slight annoyance to feeling so tensed that you develop the straight-up desire to ‘commit murder’”

The dark and twisted vibe that comes with this high-intensity hip-hop “banger” compliments the ultimate Halloween-ghoulish mood very well, just in time for the spooky season.

The track sets the right tone for HYBRD’s current musical direction as well as the duo’s audacious personalities as performers and as people.

The duo’s latest single is accompanied by a Halloween-thriller music video (premiered last night on Youtube), directed/shot by local video collective Bless7Up and edited by 6Triangle (post-production works for the likes of Changi Airport, Uniqlo, Scoot, DBS etc.). The styling for the video includes collaboration with microbrand, NITRON Watches.

“When Bless7Up conceptualised the video, we loved the whole idea that in our little fantasy universe, we would lay this elaborate trap (complete with decoys and costumes) to literally kill people for not liking our music. We… had a little too much fun.” – Q

The MV compliments the Halloween season very well and sells the holistic horror experience to its audience. It pays homage to old western 80s horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and Friday The 13th – Building on the twisted narrative of finding out about “friends” who turned out to be snakes behind backs, and seeking vengeance for betrayal faced.

Listen to more from HYBRD below.