Check out Sydney Sprague’s ‘steve’!

Sydney Sprague has released her new song and music video for ‘steve’. 

The 28-year-old, who recently signed to Rude Records, carries the same fire, creativity, and wit of her 90’s pop idols, combined with her familiar-yet-surprising hooks and hard-hitting, topical lyrics.

Explains Sydney, 

“The true story of Steve is me getting fed up with my whole life and starting over. I was stuck in a dead-end job, surrounded by toxic friends and a failing relationship, living in an apartment I hated. I wrote this song at my breaking point, when I was finally like, enough, and I cut all of the bad out of my life.”

Fans can also check out the song and acoustic video for “i refuse to die”, which was released earlier. While the song was written before the nightmare that is 2020, Sydney could feel the negative energy looming and this song was written as a manifestation. The previous year felt too good to be true and the suspicion and paranoia at the onslaught of something terrible coming was bound to happen.

“This song is a desperate wish for good luck. But looking around at the world it feels like it didn’t work.”

Sydney Sprague makes music for the end of the world. With everything seemingly imploding in on itself, there’s one thing we can all try to be – authentic – and it’s the one word that best describes Sydney’s songwriting.

Cover photo: Michael Carter





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