CloudNone and Direct have teamed up once more for their new downtempo single ‘Told U’ out now via Monstercat.

The pair have previously collborated together on tracks such as ‘Further’, ‘Margarita’, Lost & Found’ which have become fan-favorites within their core audience.

‘Told U’ is a chillout track with an ethereal sound, featuring pitched down vocals, synths and a pulsating bassline. The track builds up before delivering a calm, hypnotic drop.

The song is perfect for those long night car rides, a sentiment shared by CloudNone,

“We discussed how this song reminds us of our early days discovering electronic music. We both reminisced on night-time car rides with friends and our first teenage freedoms spent exploring the world on our own and the senses of adventure that evoked.”

Direct adds,

“For me personally, it brought back adventures into NYC alone and the freedom and wonder that brought; late-night bus rides to the city from my small town and the feelings of excitement that brought.”

Ohio-based producer Direct have released a pair of EPs this year, one of which is a collaboration with CloudNone, ‘Mojito / Margarita’. The Ohio-based producer’s EP has seen support from EDM heavyweights ILLENIUM, TIesto and more.

CloudNone is best known for a remix for ATTLAS’ ‘From Here’ as part of Monstercat’s collaboration with the popular video game Rocket League. ‘Told U’ marks the producer’s 15th track this year, expanding his ever-growing catalogue of dance music.