Cmagic5 unveils new party anthem ‘Dancing On My Heart’

Armed with soulful vocals and a vivacious style, rising Canadian artist Cmagic5 is back with a brand new party anthem ‘Dancing On My Heart’, solidifying her standing as one to watch out for in the world of pop music.

The song shares a story we are all too familiar with; the struggle to move on from a past lover who keeps coming back to find any opportunity to let themselves right into our lives.

“This track emphasizes the ‘moving on’ phase after falling out of a relationship and the frustration that develops when you’re avoiding falling in love with the same person all over again, knowing they’re not the one for you.. but hey, it happens! In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your ex responsible for your inability to move on,” shares the refreshingly confident singer-songwriter. 

Written entirely through one Zoom session amidst the global pandemic, ‘Dancing On My Heart’ is the young talent’s first foray into collaborating with established songwriters, following the release of a self-written debut album, ‘Ready to Run’.

Adds the Toronto-based triple-threat performer. 

“The songwriting process for this track was unlike any of my previous releases. It definitely is one of my favorites and showcases my artistic evolution.”

Filled with rock-style percussions and live electric guitars, the track builds from smooth, laidback guitar-driven verse into an explosive and compelling chorus, kicking up the energy of the track into a whole new level. She highlights that one of the most interesting parts of the power pop track is the use of the sound of a leaf blower, recorded by one of her producers on his way to work.

“Once he played it for me, I immediately knew we needed to incorporate that cool sound! For fans of Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande, this power pop track is certainly up your alley.”

A high-octane colourful music video accompanies the track and will capture Cmagic5’s unique fashion sense. Backed by an all-female crew of dancers, this music video will debut her dancing chops for the first time.

‘Dancing On My Heart’ by Cmagic5 is available on all digital platforms from 08 October 2021.





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