grentperez collaborates with fans for new dreamy single ‘My Heart It Beats For You’

After topping charts across Southeast Asia with his debut single, ‘Cherry Wine’, the Filipino-Australian singer has shared a new single titled ‘My Heart It Beats For You’.

A collaboration single between grentperez and his fans, ‘My Heart It Beats For You’ offers a sweet insight towards the artist’s creative vision.

He says,

“‘My Heart It Beats For You’ was initially created live on Twitch, where I started the song and the chat would type out some lyrics that they thought fit. I hand picked a few and their contributions which made up the second verse, ‘And when the sun sleeps at night…’ “

The song was previously teased in a video shared by the artist on YouTube in May, which led to fans eagerly awaiting an official release.

grentperez explains the meaning behind the song,

“This song in particular has a special place in my heart. Melodically it feels very warm and stable, very subtly swaying you around like a gentle rock of a boat, while the lyrics somewhat fade from image to image like you’re recollecting memories and feelings that never happened. ‘My Heart It Beats For You’ was heavily inspired by the likes of Lionel Richie, Norah Jones, and Don McLean’s Vincent, to name a few and I hope that can be pronounced in the production of the song.”

grentperez garnered massive attention with the release of his debut track, ‘Cherry Wine’.

The song has seen massive support across Southeast Asia, charting in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The song was featured in MTV Asia, VH1 India, SEA Today (Indonesia), ABS-CBN (Philippines), and Nylon Manila.

Focusing on crafting bedroom pop music that will bring out the inner romantic within listeners, grentperez grew up with his father’s music, the likes of which includes The Eagles, The Beatles, and Queen before teaching himself how to play Jeremy Passion’s ‘Lemonade’ on his guitar.

He launched his YouTube channel at the end of 2013, garnering over half a million subscribers and 30 million views to date.

He left college to pursue a full-time music career. He says,

“When I fully dropped out, my parents were surprisingly fine with it, I’d like to think they understand that I wanted to take a risk, and they trust me not to get lost if in the event I’m unsuccessful, I know that they’re my biggest supporters and I’m very very grateful to have them as my parents.”





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