British rock band Coldplay and K-pop superstars BTS unite for newly released single ‘My Universe’ with an official lyric video.

After teasing fans about the mega collaboration with K-pop group BTS on Twitter, Coldplay have shared the official lyric video for their newest single, ‘My Universe’.

‘My Universe’ is the second single released ahead of Coldplay’s ninth studio album Music of the Spheres, following ‘Higher Power’.

The video features the song’s lyrics in colorful handwriting against the starry night sky that is in line with the theme and aesthetics of the album.

The track is sung in both Korean and English with a rap by BTS members SUGA and j-hope, breaking down language barriers and providing a statement of unity.

‘My Universe’ is part of a series of releases by the band. A documentary detailing the creation of their new album, Inside My Universe, will premiere on Sunday, September 26.

Two new versions of ‘My Universe’ will soon follow after on Monday, September 27. The two songs includes a ‘Supernova 7’ remix and an acoustic version.

The release schedule will finish up with the official music video to be announced at a later date.