Don Diablo’s ‘Destination Hexagonia’, the first full-length concert NFT,  has sold within a record of four minutes for $1.2 million USD.

‘Destination Hexagonia’, Don Diablo’s ambitious digital art piece in the form of the world’s first NFT concert, was auctioned and sold within a record of four minutes for 600Ξ ($1.2 million USD) on art platform SuperRare.

The piece was unveiled on Friday, April 9, and was the highest price ever sold on the platform.

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Made in collaboration with videographer Paul Snijder, ‘Destination Hexagonia’ combines the artist’s musical career with his love of science fiction films such as Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The piece was sold in a unique hand-crafted box which includes a harddrive containing the high quality file of the film. It followed his GΞNΞSIS NFT last month which was sold for 110 Ξ ($200,000 USD)

Don Diablo says,

“My GΞNΞSIS drop went beyond all my expectations, and that really inspired me. I immediately felt such a warm welcome into the NFT community, and with that feel a responsibility to continue to push things further into the future and keep disrupting status quo. At this point we almost feel like this particular piece has become priceless because we worked on it for almost a year and put an incredible amount of love and effort into it. What’s next? I’ve got some incredibly exciting collaborations lined up and I can not wait to share it with the world very soon, this is just the beginning.” 

A large portion of the profits made from the piece will go to the HEXAGON Foundation, helping artists in the NFT space to help create and sell their art.

The hour-long movie is a radical departure from the short form pieces that have dominated the NFT world up until now. “Hopefully this will inspire others to push harder and to think bigger,” says Don Diablo.