It was a beautiful experience attending IMC Live Global’s AL!VE VOL 9: 洪俊扬 「Light of My Life 微光」 concert featuring Hong Junyang 洪俊揚 last Saturday night at Capitol Theatre. Perhaps what was most special about that night was how magical everything was – from the lighting, to the ballads that pulled at the heartstrings, to the backdrop visuals, to the heart-thumping bass, and even to the fervent fans in the theatre.

Indeed, there was such an ineffable love in the show – a joy and fervour that radiated in every aesthetic of the gig, and while I may not speak nor understand much Mandarin, I would say this… I really, really enjoyed the concert.

After all – it is this aspect which truly encapsulates the power of a good show. Which is how it can pull the attention as well as the heart of a non-fan and non-listener…

Judging from the rapturous, after rapturous round of applause that the audience gave after each song, it is clear that the show was a blast!

Starting the evening with his latest single 微光, everything as they say – was history. The song title loosely translates to “shimmer” – which aptly described the evening to come. It is a powerful song with inundating lyrics and an undulating bass and sonorous soundscape. Having been released only last month, it was certainly great to hear it live for the first time.

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Accompanied by a team of musicians on stage, including four guitarists, a drummer, two keyboardists and three vocalists, Junyang performed a series of ballads and emotive songs to the audience who lapped up every bit of his magical musicality.

The opening riffs as well as the accompanying bass and percussion on 独角兽 was lit, while the chorus of my favourite song of the night – 画一个梦 felt like a dream with its iridescent almost waltz-like vocals. The same could be said for the equally opalescent and autumn leaves a-rustling-like serenade of 沙沙的谁 .

Junyang even gave us a rendition Emil Chau’s 讓我歡喜讓我憂 .

Of course who could forget the surprise special appearance by A-Do who then belted out a gorgeous performance of 他一定很爱你…

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As Junyang proceeded to thank everyone who had helped him to get to that very night, his series of thank yous showed the gratitude of a very humble and affable artist who managed to thank every single person without leaving anyone out. It was a ten-minute thank you speech and a heartwarming gesture that spoke volumes of the artist as a human being.

“Thank you Adrian for believing in me when no one did. Thank you for this chance to have this concert. Really thank you. I’m very honoured,” he said.

No. Thank you Hong Junyang for such a beautiful and heartfelt show…

As the concert drew to a close, like the setting of light across the horizon, Junyang had one last surprise for his fans, giving them what they wanted – the most requested song of all and the song that he was told that he MUST sing – Guardian Angel from P.S… I Luv U 天……使我爱你 .

It was evident from the glowing atmosphere how much everyone adored the show. Naturally, it was also a full house, albeit with safe distancing measures in place such as the 250 pax capacity and gaps between seats. Fans waved their light sticks and screamed words of adoration and admiration for the artist from “I love you Junyang” to repeated calls of his name accompanied by drum beats at the end of the gig.

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The talented artist then closed the night with the same shining song that he started the evening with as well as an encore – 难道 .

Saturday night shone like a shimmering light, bringing with it yet another glimmer of hope, of songs, of love, of gratitude, of joy that concerts were slowly, but surely coming back with each passing month. It was the high(Light) of perhaps not of my life, but certainly of the month!

All photos courtesy of IMC Live Global.